Amicus Prime Vs Newgy Robo Pong 3050XL Review: Which One Is Better?

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Table tennis robots from popular brands like Butterfly Amicus and Newgy Robo-Pong have prices up to thousands of dollars. 

Are the products above really worth the price?

Which is a better choice? 

The answer to your question will be in the Butterfly Amicus prime vs. Newgy Robo pong 3050XL review that will appear shortly. 

The article will provide you with a detailed comparison of the two products so that you can choose the right product.

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Quick Answer: Which Is Better Amicus Prime Vs. Newgy 3050XL?

The Butterfly Amicus Prime has slightly better results than the Newgy 3050XL. 

Butterfly Amicus Prime can do anything, from adjusting rotation to changing speed and position.

The intuitive control tablet makes your user experience more complete than ever combined with the intelligent control application. 

The ping pong practice machine from Newgy Robo-Pong can gain the edge in terms of budget alone.

However, the Amicus prime is a worthwhile investment that will win your long-term favorite. 

Technical Specs to Compare

Amicus Prime and Newgy 3050XL both have many outstanding advantages.

With the above success, it is impossible not to mention a series of efforts to improve features and parameters such as controllability and ball frequency.

Below is a visual comparison of the most critical parameters of each product.

This comparison will help you to have a more objective view of both Amicus prime and Robo-pong 3050XL.

 Butterfly Amicus PrimeNewgy 3050XL
AppearanceButterfly Amicus Prime ping pong robotNewgy 3050XL ping pong robot
PriceView Latest PriceView Latest Price
ControlsBluetooth, Amicus app on Android tablet includedApp, Bluetooth, USB.
Ball CapacityN/AN/A
Oscillation control17 Oscillation Steps2-Wheeled Ball Thrower (w/Oscillation)
Pre- Programmed Drills20 Pre Programmed Drill100 + Pre Programmed Drill
Spin options9 increments of spin variationN/A
Speed and Frequency5–120 balls per minute1 – 170 balls per minute
Recycling NetYesYes
Weight‎20 pounds24.9 pounds
Dimensions13 x 10 x 31 inches‎36.22 x 15.94 x 14.17 inches
More InfoSee More DetailsSee More Details
Butterfly Amicus prime vs. Newgy Robo pong 3050XL Comparison

Ball capacity

Butterfly Amicus Prime has a ball capacity of over 120.

Depending on your setup, the device can hit 120 balls/minute, each with a unique trajectory and spin pattern.

The maximum ball capacity of Newgy Robo Pong 3050xl is slightly better when it reaches 170/min.

With the above capacity, the product is easy enough to cater to beginners and difficult enough to keep the pro players interested.

Spin options

Amicus Prime is not limited by rotation.

The reason is that the product uses a unique three-wheel design, which does not require turning the head to perform rotational styles.

You can take advantage of this feature to perform short backspin serves, then again for a forehand snap and many other complex spins.

Newgy Robo Pong 2050XL currently supports three main rotation types: no rotation, rear rotation, and top rotation.

Although the number of rotations is limited, the product still simulates a natural person quite well.

This robot can even deliver spins like those from professional athletes.

Speed ​​and Frequency

The number of Amicus Primes fired per minute ranges from 5–120 balls.

You can fine-tune the shadow frequency with the IFC feature.

You can also adjust the balls’ frequency by setting the drill’s running time.

Meanwhile, the ball speed of Newgy Robo can range from 10 – 200km/h.

In one minute, the device can hit up to 170 balls.

The most significant advantage of this robot model is that it has two throwing wheels with pre-programmed motors.

Without increasing the speed, the robot can still create a variety of rotation combinations.

Oscillation settings

Amicus prime supports 17-step oscilloscope control.

You can use the app that came with the tablet to adjust the oscillation.

The application also supports randomly adjusting rotation speed, spin, and position, which is very useful for training.

Meanwhile, Newgy offers two simple control modes, Standard and Precision.

Standard mode will suit simple ball control needs.

Meanwhile, Precision will serve professional players by providing broader control customization.

Pre-Programmed Drill

Amicus prime has 20 pre-loaded basic drills.

You can also regularly download software updates for more tailored workout setups.

The number of pre-programmed exercises of Newgy Robo pong 3050xl is more prosperous.

This model has 100 built-in drill modes with different levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Convenient Features to Compare 

The best ping pong ball machine can bring more benefits than you think.

These devices will act as a practice partner, helping to improve your playing. 

These products also allow you to choose the type of service, one of the outstanding features to help you customize your training session. 

In addition to inheriting common advantages, each product will impress users with unique features.

Therefore, to choose the best ping pong trainer, you must carefully compare many issues. 

Newgy 3050XL vs. Amicus is no exception.

You should consult many in-depth reviews of each outstanding aspect, such as controllability, stability, etc.

Remote control or app

The most popular design trend is a ping pong robot that supports the control via remote control or app.

Because this wireless control method eliminates the obstacles of distance, it is easier to switch between installations from all sides. 

Understanding this need, both Amicus prime and Newgy Robo pong 3050XL, the two most prominent products to date, have remote control applications and wireless control methods. 

However, each manufacturer has its way of handling it.

And right in the control criteria, you can already see those differences: 

  • Newgy Robo pong 3050XL

Newgy equips this ping pong robot with a tablet with the Newgy application pre-installed.

You can use the device itself to control the ping pong robot. 

In addition to the above method, you can also control your device with just a smartphone.

Newgy 3050XL ping pong robot 4 scaled
Newgy Robo pong 3050XL with a tablet with the Newgy application pre-installed.

To experience this feature, you need to download Newgy.

This user-friendly application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Once the download is complete, you need to connect to Bluetooth and be ready to go.

If you need to control the ping pong robot via a laptop or PC, the product also includes a wired USB connection port, serving your needs well. 

  • Amicus prime

Butterfly Amicus is one of the leading brands supporting device control via tablets.

With Butterfly Amicus Robot Prime, the manufacturer continues to equip the product with the feature that makes its brand.

In addition to the ping pong robot, the Butterfly Amicus product set also includes a tablet running the operating system.

Android allows robot control. 

Butterfly Amicus Prime ping pong robot 2
Butterfly Amicus Robot Prime is one of the leading brands supporting device control via tablets.

The manufacturer will pre-install the Amicus app on your accompanying tablet.

To start the application, you need a Bluetooth connection. 

The convenient and innovative connection above will make your training process more accessible.

Wires and distances bind you, so you can confidently access every feature, making adjustments conveniently via the digital display. 

More specifically, it is a device that possesses many features, but with intuitive control via tablet, even beginners can get acquainted with Amicus prime. 

It can be that this advantage has contributed significantly to making a product that can satisfy coaches and professional athletes but is also suitable for beginners and amateur players.

Another commendable advantage is that the manufacturer regularly updates the software, adds many new features, and effectively fixes errors.

You can ensure you always have the most impressive user experience.

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Ball Catcher Net

Products from less popular brands in the low-priced segment often do not come with many accessories.

One of the accessories that are often absent from an accessible kit is the ball net. 

You will regret not having at least one catch net in reality.

This unique accessory placed behind the robot can help you save maximum time on picking up balls and help keep high costs when you no longer lose your balls during the process.  

Fortunately, high-quality products, both the Amicus prime and the Newgy Robo pong 3050XL, come with a catch net system.

However, each type of accessory gives you a unique experience.

To better understand, you can refer to some of the comments below: 

  • Newgy Robo Pong 3050XL

Newgy equips this one with a standard catch net system: the ability to catch the ball and give good feedback, helping the process. 

Another commendable advantage of this mesh system is that the accessory is fully compatible with the Newgy Robo pong setup.

You can quickly assemble and adjust it to suit your level and preferences without professional tools. 

  • Amicus prime

Amicus Prime also meets your expectations quite well when it saves you a lot of time, effort, and even the cost of picking up the ball. 

The design highlight of the catch net from Amicus prime is the design that attaches to the table like a block with the robot.

The above design is quite space-saving, creating maximum conditions for storage and maintenance. 

Battery-powered or plug into the mains?

When it comes to the main power supply for ping pong robots, you have two main choices: a battery-powered device and a product that needs to be an electrical outlet. 

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a battery-powered robot will not be limited by connection distance, but it means you have to care about battery life often. 

Butterfly Amicus and Newgy Robo-Pong understand the pros and cons above.

Below is the power supply of each product as a way for the manufacturer to overcome the remaining disadvantages: 

  • New Robo pong 3050XL

New Robo pong 3050XL requires connection to a power source during use. 

One of the most significant advantages of this power supply method is that you don’t have to care about battery life or the number of charges.

You will not fall into the case of having to postpone training sessions just because the previous user forgot to charge the device. 

However, connecting it directly to an electrical outlet also brings some trouble. 

You will not be able to comfortably set up a workout location because you have to make sure to prepare the correct connection port.

You have a hard time practicing in backyards, garages, and many other sites that generally don’t have electrical outlets. 

Though, this design is also perfect for you to easily use for an all-day workout without charging.

It is certainly a feature that pleases professional athletes.

  • Amicus prime

Amicus prime comes with cable and power supply, and a lithium-ion battery. 

The product’s battery life is quite impressive: in case you exercise with intensity, the product can still accompany you for at least 4 to 5 hours. 

More specifically, the manufacturer also integrates a battery-saving mode, helping you further improve the device’s usage time. 

The product’s impressive battery life is good for playing and catching the ball and enough to power the accompanying tablet.

With an easy-to-connect DC power port, you can charge your tablet at any time, ensuring uninterrupted control. 

In addition to using batteries, you can also connect the device directly to the power source.

Thanks to this option, your practice will not be interrupted, so you can continuously improve your level. 

The above advantage is also one of the significant points of Amicus prime when compared to most options on the market, including Newgy Robo pong 3050XL. 

Ease of setup and portability

Of course, you’ll want the setup to be as simple as possible.

However, the more features a product has, the more time it will take to set up.

Meanwhile, mobility is also one of the issues to consider if you have a habit of exercising outdoors.

In transporting equipment from the backyard to the storage area in the apartment, you will undoubtedly face many difficulties if your ping pong robot is bulky, heavy, and difficult to move. 

To evaluate a ping pong robot model, in addition to parameters related to adjustability and ball capacity, you also need to pay attention to weight, size, and related basic parameters: 

  • Newgy Robo pong 3050XL 

In terms of setting, Newgy Robo pong 3050XL conquers users with its ability to serve the needs of training anytime, anywhere.

In the first use, you can set up the robot and the net to catch the ball quickly. 

The product has a suitable design for most traditional table models, whether it is an indoor or outdoor table.

Therefore, you can completely install, disassemble, and fold this device for more convenient storage. 

Combined with that is a user-friendly control application that allows you to operate the features smoothly. 

It can be that with Newgy Robo pong 3050XL, practicing serving, and hitting left, has never been so easy. 

Yet, in terms of portability, Newgy Robo pong 3050XL is not an ideal choice.

The product requires a direct connection to the power source and weighs up to 24.9 pounds.

The dimensions are ‎36.22 x 15.94 x 14.17 inches, respectively.

These size numbers will be compatible with many of your gym spaces.

Even moving it from room to room will not be more difficult.

If you want to change your workout space from indoors to outdoors, its sturdy construction will probably give you peace of mind.

The above parameters can not become a concern.

If you are looking for a product with high mobility, this representative from Newgy may not be the most obvious choice. 

  • Amicus prime

Not inferior to Newgy Robo pong 3050XL, Amicus prime also pleases users with its easy setup. 

The outstanding advantage of the product compared to many competitors in the market is the ability to connect the tablet to the robot via Bluetooth quite well. 

However, you should note that when you use battery power and turn on the power-saving mode, the Bluetooth connection will not be too stable. 

The manufacturer has worked hard to fix this problem.

The Bluetooth connection will quickly re-establish if you try to restart the application. 

In addition, with the setup of the Amicus prime, it is impossible not to mention the included tablet holder. 

The unique feature of this stand is its versatility.

Whether you are right or left-handed, you are satisfied with the installation position of this smart stand. 

We must also give praise to the portability of this product.

‎Amicus prime can run on batteries, weighs 20 pounds, and the design is not too bulky. 

Thanks to the above advantages, this product has become one of the most flexible and mobile ping pong robot models.

The hard plastic outer shell also makes it much more impact resistant than similar versions.

This design may make the price more expensive, but its durability will be confirmed, which is entirely worth your money.

Butterfly Amicus Prime vs Newgy 3050XL
Which Is Better Amicus Prime Vs. Newgy 3050XL?

Quick Rundown Of Butterfly Amicus Prime Robot

Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot | Best Ball...
  • Adjust ball frequency from 5–120 balls per minute for your ideal...
  • Sequence together several drills so they run automatically either one...
  • Perfect footwork, strokes, & other skills. Select a pre-saved drill,...

Butterfly Amicus Prime Robot is a product trusted by experts and trainers worldwide. 

However, this product is only suitable for professional users.

The ping pong robot from Butterfly Amicus can confidently help beginners, amateur players looking to improve, and even professional athletes. 

Amicus prime is one of the most modern and convenient ping pong robot models available today.

Regardless of your level, just looking for the most advanced robot model, you can be satisfied with this product’s experience. 

Although it can perform almost impossible tasks for many other robot models, the product is still relatively easy to use.

With an intuitive interface, controlling complex operations will certainly not be as difficult as you imagine. 

With the above rave reviews, the question is, is the Butterfly Amicus Prime Robot a product that doesn’t have any downsides?

To answer the above question and learn about the key to the power of this product, you can refer to a series of the information below: 


  • Lightweight, compact design, high portability. 
  • Many exercises are pre-programmed. 
  • Regularly update the controller application. 
  • Perfect for developing footwork. 
  • Many high-quality accessories such as carrying bags and nets. 


  • High cost. 
  • The user manual is not detailed enough.
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Quick Review Of Newgy Robo-Pong 3050 Xl

From the very beginning, the manufacturer was oriented to build Newgy Robo-pong 3050 xl as a product that simulates human activities well, thereby becoming a real competitor.  

The manufacturer has equipped the product with leading features, such as advanced position options, smart app control, and multiple drill settings. 

That is not to say that this ping pong robot is a perfect choice.

The product still has quite a few disadvantages that need to be overcome. 

In a short time, getting rid of blemishes is almost impossible.

When you spend thousands of dollars, you still have to face some unsatisfactory experiences. 

That is also the reason why before choosing the Newgy Robo-pong 3050 xl, you need to consider a series of pros and cons below: 


  • Variety of shooting methods.
  • Easy control via a smart app. 
  • The mesh system ensures your training is not interrupted. 
  • Add rotation function, and harmonic oscillation is more efficient. 
  • The design fits all traditional desk models, even indoors or outdoors.


  • Don’t meet the needs of training more specialized shots.
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In case the product is out of stock, you can consider these available items:

-8% Sale
Newgy 2040+ Table Tennis Robot
  • Updated to handle 40+ balls and Comes with 48 2 Star 40+ balls. Play...
  • Analog controls for ball speed, frequency and oscillation; recycling...
  • Available spins: topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin,...
-7% Sale
Newgy 2055 Table Tennis Robot
  • Digital Accuracy for ball speed, placement and frequency
  • Selectable randomization controls create a more unpredictable robot
  • Comes with 64 pre-programmed drills for various playing levels. Train...
-11% Sale
Newgy 1040+ Table Tennis Robot
  • Updated to handle 40+ balls and Comes with 48 2 Star 40+ balls. Play...
  • Analog controls for ball speed, frequency and oscillation; ball bucket...
  • Available spins: topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin,...


I have tried to give complete comparisons between Amicus Prime vs Newgy Robo Pong 3050xl so that you can easily distinguish the pros and cons of each.

Now, the choice is up to you.

Thank you for reading!

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