Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof? How to Properly Maintain an Aluminum Ping Pong Table?

Table tennis requires a lot of concentration because you have to think about where each ball is going. 

While one could argue that ping pong can be played virtually anywhere outdoors or indoors, playing outside on real tables means having to bring the game outside with you for times when it’s raining. 

Storing the table and figuring out “Are table tennis tables waterproof?” are some workable options and come at an added expense.

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Are table tennis tables waterproof?

Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof?

You may wonder, “Can outdoor ping pong tables get wet?”

Of course, water can get on a table tennis table. 

The logic behind this is that the resilience of the surface affects how water droplets are handled – so if the surface is less porous or textured, there may be a higher chance for it to retain any amount of moisture.

Can You Waterproof An Indoor Ping Pong Table? 

Yes! You can waterproof a table tennis table at home by following a few simple steps, and then you will know “How do you waterproof a ping pong table?”

– first, you’ll need to buy a polyurethane sealant and a suitable brush. 

Then remove the net from the table and wipe it down with a microfiber piece of cloth.

Apply the sealant to the tabletop, starting at the sides, working your way up, and then working across the bottom. 

Leave to dry for 8 hours, then use 100-150 grit sandpaper to even out any bumps or rough surfaces.

Finally, remove all of the dust with a vacuum or a brush!

When it comes to outdoor table tennis tables, there are several ways to protect your items when left outside. 

Though many individuals think about just using an umbrella for additional coverage and protection, there are other methods to look into. 

For instance, eave troughs (which go around the bottom of a home) can be installed if you want to not just protect against rain and snow falling on tables but also stop leaves from falling on them as well. 

Sometimes even old rags can help protect the surface while adding a decorative element to your interior design at the same time!

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Sometimes even old rags can help protect the surface while adding a decorative element to your interior design at the same time!

Can You Use Indoor Table Tennis Outdoor?

Many people ask the same question “Can I store a ping pong table outside?”

Of course, you can take your ping pong table outside. 

However, it is always recommended to bring it in when the sun goes down because we wouldn’t want any players to injure their eyes from the glare of the sun reflecting off the surface of it, nor do we want it to warp or get ruined!

One of the first is that an outdoor table will allow you to take it inside, unlike an indoor table which an indoor table can only carry outside. 

While taking a bulky indoor table out and back in can be tiresome, having to lift an equally-bulky outdoor table over and away from your house’s walls can be even more grueling.

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In What Ways Are Table Tennis Tables Weatherproof?

Just because a table is weather-proof doesn’t mean that it’s any good.

We have seen countless signs in several different stores promising “outdoor table tennis tables” then delivering a product that could hardly be consensually identified as such. 

That’s why it is important to understand what makes an “outdoor ping pong table.”

It would help if you recognized that truly outdoor table tennis tables are made of galvanized steel, a very thick metal resistant to rust and weather damage.

Here’s the science behind it: galvanization is the process of applying a protective zinc cover to iron or steel to prevent it from rusting. 

This simple yet effective process can be applied to many different materials like kitchen cabinets, furniture, and, yes, your table!

Most of these table tennis tables feature tops made from resilient plastic, offering players the chance to enjoy a level playing surface with minimal bounce, ideal for steady play.

Indoor vs Outdoor Table Tennis Tables – FAQs

1. What Is The Difference Between An Indoor And Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

Although you would expect an indoor table to be similar to an outdoor one, there are some pretty notable differences.
For starters, if you want a nice flat surface for playing ping pong inside, wood (usually maple) is your best choice! 
Depending on the player, indoor tables can also come with regulation-size nets accommodating two players per side.
The depth of their top surface is generally 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ thick, deeper than most outdoor tables.
Outdoor tables are made of wood and metal, while indoor tables should stay where they belong, inside.
Cheap outdoor tables often consist of aluminum ping pong tables, plywood resin, or melamine. 
High-end tables use galvanized steel and are considered worth the money despite their price for the quality.
Regardless, it’s always a good idea to add stylish furniture to outside spaces and inside ones.

2. Why Is The Table Tennis Played Indoor?

Table tennis is a notable sport that is played in an indoor environment.
The optimal conditions for table tennis and ball control only exist indoors. 
When played inside, sunlight will not ruin the table’s surface, or excessive moisture will wipe away any chalk from reaching the ball’s surface.
Also, playing on Taraflex floors gives players top-level grip results that help their games.

3. Is Table Tennis Indoor Or Outdoor Game?

​Table tennis tables come in various options, and most times, they’re used indoors.
That being said, it’s possible to play on table tennis tables put outside.
All you need is the right equipment and correct weather conditions.

4. Will Rain Damage A Ping Pong Table?

Although a table tennis table can be used for indoor and outdoor activities, it is intended outdoors.
Running an indoor table against the rain or fog will cause it to rust relatively quickly.

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Although a table tennis table can be used for indoor and outdoor activities, it is intended outdoors. Running an indoor table against the rain or fog will cause it to rust relatively quickly.


“Are Table Tennis Tables Waterproof?”

– The material you should choose depends.

If your table tennis table is made of wood, there are cases when it’s best to keep the tables indoors and away from damage in bad weather conditions. 

In the end, we should protect wood or outdoor aluminum tables from rain.

Thank you for reading!

We hope you continue to read more about table tennis tables and other relevant articles.

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