5 Best Ping Pong Paddle and Ball Holders

Ping pong is a sport that involves many pieces of equipment.

Consequently, it is often a hassle for players to keep and/or carry everything that they need for a game.

So, what comes to the rescue?

The best ping pong paddle holder!

But, ‘best’ can be relative, depending on specific needs and wants.

With this in mind, we have assembled a detailed review of five products that are ‘best’ in their way.

By extension, we intend that this review will cater to all of our diverse readers!

Short Answer: Best Table Tennis Paddle Storage (2021)

Ping Pong Racket Holder Comparision

Top 5 Best Ping Pong Paddle Holder

1. Franklin Sports Paddle Set with Balls Organizer

-25% Sale
Franklin Sports 4 Player Table Tennis Paddle and Ball Set
  • COMPLETE TABLE TENNIS SET: Everything you need to complete your table...
  • SET INCLUDES: This set comes with (4) wooden table tennis paddles, (6)...
  • EXTRA GRIP: These table tennis rackets are designed with pips out...

This table tennis paddle holder from Franklin Sports is known for offering stellar performance given its price.

Novice players greatly favor it as it provides all the necessary gears for a good game with a cheap price tag.

It comes with four pips-out rubber paddles, six standard ping pong balls, a storage bag, and two hanging organizer hooks.

Table tennis players who do not have a generous budget will surely love this set.

Its balls and paddles are basic, thus are appropriate for mild/occasional use.

If you are looking for a cheap yet exciting table tennis session with friends or if you play to kill time, this is ideal.

However, if you are serious about refining your ping pong skills and want to play at a non-amateur level, we do not recommend this set.

Instead, you can consider our other picks in this review.



  • Offers chief equipment only 
  • Not suitable for non-amateur players 

2. EastPoint Sports Paddles & Balls Set Mountable Case Holder

EastPoint Sports 4 Player Table Tennis Paddles & Balls Set...
  • GAME ROOM FUN: This table tennis paddle and ball set makes for a great...
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PLAY: 4 paddles, 6 balls, and 1...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Rubber surface paddles for quality control and great...

Game rooms should always have at least one ping pong table.

Hence, a ping pong paddle and ball set is also necessary.

This set from EastPoint Sports is perfect for game rooms

With four paddles, six balls, and a mountable carry case, this is an excellent ping pong accessory holder for any family or dorm fun.

Additionally, with the mountable carry case, it neatly doubles as a ping pong wall organizer sprucing up any game room’s aesthetics. 

All in all, the components work as intended and align with the brand descriptions.

If you want a ping pong set for bonding with your family or dorm-mates, then this is the one.



  • Only suited for every-now-and-then sessions

3. JOOLA Family Premium Table Tennis Bundle Set

JOOLA Family Premium Table Tennis Bundle Set - 4 Regulation Ping...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY AND DURABILITY: Manufactured to withstand advanced...
  • ITTF REGULATION SIZE: Official regulation 5-ply wood paddle featuring...

The JOOLA bundle set is a 2-in-1 ping pong paddle rack and wall mount ping pong paddle holder, including four paddles, 20 ping pong balls, and a portable organizer bag.

The paddles feature 5-ply wood, a rubber surface, and an ergonomic handle.

Collectively weighing only 132g, it is perfectly convenient for users to carry around. 

If you are hoping to introduce your kids to ping pong, you should consider having this set.

The premium construction that guarantees unmatched quality and durability is undoubtedly an exquisite ping pong paddle and ball holder. 

With that being said, this set makes an exceptional gift.

However, its value comes with a slightly higher price tag than others in the market.


  • Great for introducing kids to ping pong
  • Offers superior quality and durability 
  • Can be a lovely gift 


  • More expensive than other sets in the market

4. MEOLLO Table Tennis Storage Rack Wall Mount

MEOLLO Table Tennis Storage Rack Wall Mount (100% Steel) (Black)
  • Wall mount rack for table tennis, high design accessories. 100% Steel...
  • This hanger is suitable for all table tennis racket sizes and weights....
  • Small, elegant and contemporary design accessories for your table...

For ping-pong lovers, nothing can beat this impressive table tennis storage rack wall mount from MEOLLO.

Thanks to its 100% steel construction, the set securely shields against harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

With a smart and simple design, it effortlessly claims the title of a fine ping pong racket holder.

Not only is it easy to assemble and install, but it is also compatible with all sizes and weights of rackets.

Together, these pro points confirm its versatility. 

However, unlike the other products in this review, it comes alone.

There are no paddles or balls included.

If you already have table tennis gear and only need an accessory to store and organize, this one is perfect! 


  • Extremely versatile 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usages 
  • Easy to assemble and install anytime, anywhere
  • Compatible with all racket sizes and weights 


  • Do not attach with paddles or balls 

5. MyGift Rustic Wood Wall-Mounted Ping Pong Paddle

MyGift Rustic Wood Wall-Mounted Ping Pong Paddle Display Rack...
  • Rustic wood display rack perfect for storing ping pong paddles and...
  • Display rack features 6 paddle slots and a bottom shelf to store ping...
  • Stylish rustic wood finish complements contemporary decor

This meticulously crafted rustic wooden display rack is an exemplary ping pong paddle holder wall and ping pong table ball holder.

It captures the hearts of players who own many paddles and balls as it offers a generous capacity.

At a measurement of 8.3 H x 35.4 W x 5.2 D in inches, it can hold six paddles and 50 balls.

It can be mounted on walls to serve as a ping pong paddle storage.

But, the required hardware is not included.

Moreover, it only comes in a single size.

Thus, it is only suitable for large man caves, game rooms, break rooms, etc.

Also, MyGift Wood Ping Pong will arrive at your door as planks that need to be joined together.

So if you like to assemble your products, you will like this!

If not, we urge you to opt for others in this review. 


  • Generous capacity: six paddles and up to 50 balls
  • Suitable for man caves, game and break rooms 


  • No size option
  • Self-assembly
  • Not included hardware 


Now, you have the best ping pong paddle holders to consider.

As amateur players on a budget, the best for us would be the first product.

Which of the ‘best’ in this review suits you?

Think about your needs to make a decision.

Then, share it with us in the comments!

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