Best Ping Pong Robot Reviews (Top 2022) and Buying Guide

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the top best table tennis robot review

The simple solution for a single ping-pong player that wants to practice is a best ping pong robot.

Current technology has created various choices out there, so you might find yourself lost.

Our ping pong machine review will provide you with detailed lists of the top 10 best ping pong machine, suitable for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Quick Answer: The Best Table Tennis Robots in 2022

Top Table Tennis Robot (Updated List)

How To Choose A Table Tennis Robot That Works!

Occasionally, whether it’s before an important tournament or you want to get used to a new paddle, you’re going to have to practice constantly.

If you can’t find a partner, who’s dedicated to the sport enough to spar with you that often, you might need to learn how to choose a table tennis robot!

the top best table tennis robot review

Techniques A Robot Should Provide

  • Spin:

Optimally, you would want to purchase a ping pong practice machine that pumps out as many variations of spin as possible in order to practice.

Whether it be topspin, sidespin, backspin, or even no spin whatsoever, you should prepare yourself against all types of attacks

But how to choose a table tennis robot that’s not as mediocre?

A lot of people seem to forget this when they buy a ping pong robot, but when playing against a partner, the countering shots you receive will have completely random spins.

Randomization is the bread and butter of the best models of training robots, as it reflects how people play genuinely.

If you go for the top-of-the-line robots, you’ll be getting all the spins at random for an authentic experience.

Some robots can even generate bi-directional spin, which gives you a hypothetical throw that mimics odd toss angles.

  • Speed And Frequency:

The speed and frequency at which balls come at you should come at a wide range to prepare you for the kind of games you’re about to face with real opponents.

Everyone plays at their own pace, so your ping pong server machine would have to cater for such a possibility, as well.

  • Ball Capacity:

A “how to choose a table tennis robot” guide would not be complete without mentioning a ping pong robot trainer’s ball capacity. 

The typical lots of robots out there will claim to hold 100-200 balls, and the higher you end on that spectrum, the better.

But you should not be missing out on a key feature in the best robot trainers: the ping pong robot net, which fetches the balls as you counter them.

This feature comes in extra handy when you buy ping pong balls in large sets.

Please be sure to look out for this amazing addition, as it makes for uninterrupted rounds of feeds and makes you an unstoppable defender!

  • Ball Placement:

If you’re able to find a robot that is able to shoot the ball at an exact point to train you in countering a specific shot, we’d have to congratulate you on your gold mine!

This special kind of function is especially useful for intermediate to expert players, whose bread and butter relies on specialization. 

You might want to vary from specific shots to random shots to train yourself on a true “expect the unexpected” mindset.

  • Preprogrammed Drills:

The more sophisticated robot models will be able to produce a variety of competitive drills.

Such a feature is to train you and your reflexes, but is that all a training robot can do?

You might want to up your game by looking for a model that can let you program your own drills, or rather known as drill customization.

Only when you can add your own touch to the machine that it truly becomes smart.

Convenient Features To Look For

  • Power:

The question of whether or not you want a plug-in ping pong robot is dependent on your practice grounds.

It’s a matter of convenience, as you’ll have to charge a battery robot before you can use it, but you should use one if there are no outlets around you.

  • Remote Control:

We have spoken about customization a lot in this guide, but the execution is a little more important.

Would you like it if you have to walk to the robot and stare at an itty bitty screen every time you need to make a change, or would you like to have all that power from where you stand?

Some ping pong robot models have incorporated some forms of remote controls into their designs, but clearly, that has fallen out of fashion.

As the 4.0 technological era rolls around, professional players prefer companion apps or even connect to smart home devices.

  • Setup And Portability:

You’ll need to look into a robot’s exterior design as well as functions for this.

Basic set-ups should only take you a minute or two to complete and start training, but customization and programming might take you longer, so a robot that allows some sort of training set designs is a great one.

Storage should also be a concern, as it will greatly affect the robot’s longevity and compatibility with you and your working space.

  • Noise: 

Practicing ping pong can produce a lot of noise, believe it or not!

All the constant click-clacking may annoy those who live with and around you.

That’s a risk you are going to have to come to terms with, but you can also relieve part of the trouble by eliminating the robot’s whirring.

  • Memory:

Having to set up programs and training combos every time you turn on the robot is going to be a hassle.

Apart from the issue regarding pre-programmed drills, the robot’s memory can serve to preserve your health and well-being, too.

So far, only smart robots that are connected to health apps can do this task, as it measures your bodily functions and average practicing time to remind you to stop and rest!

Table Tennis Robot Accessories

Even if your table tennis serve machine doesn’t come with these parts, you should look out for them to further enhance your sessions:

  • A ball catcher net behind your robot: Prevents balls from flying all over the place and manages your shots’ destination.
  • A ball picker: Saves your back from pains and your belly from abs by eliminating the need to bend down and gather your scattered balls.
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And that’s how to choose a table tennis robot for your practices!

Of course, having a partner to play with is still optimal.

But in the meantime, with a suitable robotic companion, your skills will not go to waste.

When you’re at the store, be sure to revisit this article to make the best choice!

We also review equipment in different price ranges so you can choose one that works for you both functionally and financially.

Top Best Ping Pong Robot to Improve Your Game – Ultimate Guide 2022

Here is the list of 10 top table tennis machines for your consideration. 

1. Zxmoto Automatic Dual Head Ping Pong Robot

ZXMOTO Table Tennis Robot Dual Head Automatic Ping Pong Ball...
  • 🏓【Double & Single Head Operation】This ping pong training...
  • 🏓【Adjustable】The ball spin, ball speed and swing speed of each...
  • 🏓【Drop Point】The angle of each A, B head can be set randomly,...

The first product in this best ping pong robot review is the dual head device from ZXMOTO.

It has a two-wheel double head driver, so users can adjust the speed of the spin and swing independently.

You can use it as a two-head server or turn the fairway cover for it to become a single ball launcher.

We want to elaborate more about the dual head’s advantage.

The multiple settings for spin and length work separately.

One head can be set for serving and another for the rally.

For example, one head can do sidespin serve while the other one performs backspin return. 

There are 9 different settings for the adjustable spin for players to choose based on their needs and preferences.

It also has an adjustable angle so that you have unlimited choices of dropping points.

All functions like ball frequency, swing frequency and spins can be set via the controller.

The ball capacity is 110 balls, so there is plenty for you to practice.

For all the flexibility offered by its multiple settings, you only can use international standard balls for this machine.

The ball’s diameter should be 40cm, and you have to load at least 15 balls for the device to work. 

Unfortunately, the product comes with no instruction or manual.

Some users, especially new players, will be at a loss to know how to operate and set up the machine.


  • Easy to set up
  • Flexible and multiple setting
  • Dual head with 2 different types of spin for better training


  • Can lose speed midway through the training session
  • No attached manual or instructions
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2. Zxmoto Table Tennis Robot Junior Edition

ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot Machine with 36 Different Spin Balls Table...
  • ①Ping pong robot can deliver 36 kinds of spinning ball, easy...
  • ②Set up easy.Fill the serving machine set ball container with table...
  • ③Double-end serve (optional single serve), falling point is not...

The next table tennis serve machine in this list is another version from ZXMOTO.

The standout feature is its weight, making it one of the most lightweight equipment in this table tennis robot review.

The ZXMOTO Table Tennis Robot Junior Edition comes in a full range of flexible options.

There are 7 different angles for users to tilt the head in both upward and downward fashion.

This helps produce a multitude of bouncing degrees. 

As for the oscillation, you can change the position in 8 different options; for each, you can change the frequency.

The product also offers various options for spin setting, topspin, bottom spin, sidespin, or no spin.

And all these flexible adjustments can be made through the wired controller.

The cord’s length is appropriate, so you can have it at your hands anytime.

Its minor advantage is the lack of an English manual.

Non-Chinese speakers have to search online for setup and operation methods.


  • Lightweight and simple
  • Very reliable and consistent 
  • A variety of settings


  • No instructions in English
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3. iPong Table Training Robot – V300

iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot - Serves 40mm Regulation...
  • WIRELESS REMOTE WITH MEMORY BUTTON: Control the ping pong robot from...

The iPong Robot will be perfect for home use and transportation.

It is very light and can fit easily anywhere.

This machine is also very handy and convenient, thanks to the display and wireless remote.

You can make a multitude of adjustments with the remote: speed, spins, and trajectory of the balls, and it is straightforward to see the changes in the display.

Plus, it has both topspin and backspin settings for your practice.

The device is perfect for one-person training, as the oscillator will keep you on your feet, and you can move back and forth just like you are playing with an opponent.

You will learn by repeating the stroke movement with this device.

The ball capacity of this robot is up to 100 balls, and the maximum speed is 70 balls per minute.

We recommend starting from the lowest rate of 30 balls per minute and work your way up.

And this is definitely a worthy choice for beginners who want to up their games.

The small size of this machine comes with a disadvantage.

As its motor is weak, the balls might get jammed if players put in too many balls at a time.


  • Easy to handle and transport
  • Very accurate and consistent
  • Perfect both for fun games and professional practice


  • Weak motor
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4. iPong Original Ping Pong Robot I1

-31% Sale
iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot,Black, Orange
  • Table tennis robot for training without a partner
  • Adjustable spin settings: topspin and underspin
  • Holds up to 110 balls; Casts balls at an adjustable frequency (12 to...

The iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot is by far the simplest and straightforward ping pong server machine.

This device is also our top pick for the best budget as the attached functions are pretty abundant compared to its price tag.

The standout advantage of this machine is its simplicity.

You can assemble it very quickly without the need for complicated tools.

The attached AC power means that you start playing instantly.

This iPong machine holds up to 110 balls and serves at a frequency of 12 to 70 balls per minute.

It also produces topspin and backspin balls to allow beginners to practice with both types of spins.

Players have multiple choices of balls as both celluloid, and plastic balls work well with the iPong.

Besides being affordable, this robot is also practical.

You can easily set the power, speed, and spin via the attached remote control without moving.

This one is compatible with ping pong robot net. 

However, the lack of a ball recycling system can be annoying.


  • Affordable price
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Lightweight and compatible with multiple devices, balls


  • Some reports of misfires
  • No refill net
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5. Butterfly Refurbished Grade A Amicus Robot

Butterfly Refurbished Grade A Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot |...
  • Refurbished Grade A is almost new; Grade B a bit more worn. All the...
  • Perfect footwork, strokes, & other skills. Select a pre-saved drill,...
  • Change spin type, spin amount, speed, placement, & trajectory for any...

The Grade A Amicus machine is an excellent item for its cost performance.

It has all the features that the Amicus Professional (which we will introduce later in this list) has but comes in at a more reasonable price.

This machine retains all the flexible settings: 7 different types of angles and a various combination of spin (topspin, backspin, left-right sidespin, no spin, or anything in between).

Ball speed and serving height can be adjusted as well.

One unique feature is that the controller comes in the form of a smartphone application, which you can install on the attached Android tablet or your own iOS device and connect with the robot via Bluetooth.

How far has technology come!

With 6GB of internal storage and an external Micro SD card, you can save almost infinite sequences of plays according to your preferences. 

While having almost the same features as a brand-new one, you can save hundreds by purchasing the Refurbished Grade A.

Its parts are almost new and come with a full warranty of 3 years!

Although the instruction manual provides detailed setup information, it doesn’t mention much about the taking-down process.

Players tend to put the machine away when they’re done practicing, so it would be better if Butterfly should improve on this one. 


  • High cost-performance value
  • Plenty of settings 
  • Convenient remote controller application


  • Lacking detailed instructions for taking it down
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6. CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine

CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine with Automatic Table...
  • Large capacity, it will accommodate about 110 table tennis
  • Easy to install and used,We provide instructions and detailed...
  • New table tennis serving machine to configure the wired remote control...

Next on our list is the best table tennis robot for beginners.

This high-capacity equipment boasts various settings for the ball’s speed and motion; all can be set via remote control.

The balls capacity of the CHAOFAN 36 Spins is 110 balls and can produce balls from 40 to 70 ones per minute.

Players can adjust both serving frequency and arc easily.

Our reason to pick this as the best for new players is because of its consistency and reliability.

If you just take up playing table tennis, you will find this device a very worthy choice as the ball will go smoothly in every mode of operation.

While some professionals may find the training sessions of CHAOFAN less challenging, beginners and players who want to hone their skills will find this machine useful.


  • Smooth and consistent serving
  • Practical and reliable for beginners
  • No misfires


  • Only instructions in Chinese
  • Not challenging enough for professional players
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7. Newgy Robo Pong 1040+

Newgy 1040+ Table Tennis Robot
  • Updated to handle 40+ balls and Comes with 48 2 Star 40+ balls. Play...
  • Analog controls for ball speed, frequency and oscillation; ball bucket...
  • Available spins: topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin,...

This is another good partner for you to practice your ping pong game.

Besides helping you skill up, the Newgy Robo Pong 1040+ will provide a good workout as the ball placement can vary from shoot to shoot, and you have to move.

The analog control is effortless and straightforward, but it doesn’t lack any spin levels.

You can also make a combination of spin levels and shot to mix it up.

However, it works best for honing your stroke against tricky shots or practicing your footwork.

Furthermore, this machine is astonishingly easy to install.

Take it out of the box, plug it in, and you now have a working robot to play against.

The ball bucket combined with the extended cage up the ball capacity to 200 balls. 

However, the lack of catching net might annoy some players so you might want to consider this before purchasing.


  • Simple to install and control
  • Doesn’t take up space
  • Can control various settings with the analog control


  • No ball recycling system
  • Smaller ball capacity compared to regular robots
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8. Newgy Robo Pong 2055

Newgy 2055 Table Tennis Robot
  • Digital Accuracy for ball speed, placement and frequency
  • Selectable randomization controls create a more unpredictable robot
  • Comes with 64 pre-programmed drills for various playing levels. Train...

A superior Newgy robot that we recommend is the Robo-Pong 2055.

Compared to the simpler 1040+, this one has 64 pre-configured drills for many skill levels, so you can practice right away after unboxing it.

Another cool feature is the random mode, which will help you improve your flexibility and reactions.

You also can train with different strokes and fires, just like you are playing in a real game.

By far, this one has the best ball recycling system, with the double-catching net so that you don’t have to load a ton of balls at once.

Adjustable settings like frequency, ball speed, and placement can be easily set via PC mode.

A risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee allows new players to try and return if they don’t like it.

For players who want to carry this machine around, unfortunately, there is no bag attached.

You might need to spend extra to buy a bag but it will definitely be worth your money.


  • Double catching netball recycling system
  • Entirely designed and made in the USA with high-quality material
  • 64 pre-configured drills


  • Only 1 year of warranty time
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9. ZXMOTO Table Tennis Robot with Catching Net

ZXMOTO Table Tennis Robot with Catch Net Automatic Ping Pong...
  • 🏓①ZXMOTO Ping pong robot allows you to better operational use of...
  • 🏓②Will set the ball containers filled with ping-pong and...
  • 🏓③Reverse the spin button,and most suitable for their own spin to...

ZXMOTO Table Tennis Robot can hold up to 120 balls.

You can adjust up to 9 kinds of spins, change the degree of serve loop from 0 to 40 degrees, ball frequency, jump ball all via the wired controller.

Like other ZXMOTO devices, this one uses international standard balls.

It is easy to learn how to set up as this made in China robot comes with English instructions.

However, the manual contains many spelling/grammar mistakes so that it might annoy some users.

Thanks to the bottom wheels, anybody can quickly move this machine.

One downside is that it is set at low speed.

And the machine produces lackluster balls that might have difficulty passing the net. 


  • High ball-capacity with catching net
  • Simple setup and configuration
  • Adaptable to all spins


  • Slower speed compared to other machines
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10. Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot

Butterfly Amicus Professional Table Tennis Robot—Fantastic Ball...
  • Perfect footwork, strokes, & other skills. Select a pre-saved drill,...
  • Change spin type, spin amount, speed, placement, & trajectory for any...
  • Adjust ball frequency from 5–120 balls per minute for your ideal...

Butterfly Amicus Professional robot is the perfect choice for serious and advanced players.

Its various features can provide you with any kind of training which matches your  skill level.

Probably one of the most precise robots out there, you will no longer miss having a partner.

Amicus’s scary control pad is actually straightforward to use.

Adjustable settings include spin, speed, trajectory, and you can switch among topspin, backspin, sidespin, no spin, or any kind of combination.

The flexibility is possible thanks to Amicus’s three separate launch wheels.

This highly functional equipment also offers Individual Frequency Controls, a great function to optimize the ball throwing intervals.

You can also schedule breaks and pauses during the training sessions.

Amicus lets players save up to 99 different sequences, up to 8 steps per sequence.

Customize your own plays and program them in the machine to play sequentially or randomly! 

It is also possible to turn on the random mode for serious players.

The robot will randomize the shots within an area of 20 cm.

You will feel like you’re playing against a real person. 

Furthermore, it has a refill system – which means you don’t have to load the balls repeatedly once you go through its capacity.

However, for a machine of this price tag, some players might need to consider, especially entry-level. 


  • Huge range of features with maximum flexibility
  • High quality 
  • Very precise and durable
  • Low maintenance 


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Expensive
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Here we answer some of the most common questions buyers have about table tennis robots.

Can You Play Table Tennis Alone?

Table tennis is not just a two-person game.

You can always play and practice alone.

Using a ping pong practice machine is a great way to train without a partner.

How Does A Ping Pong Robot Work?

A ping pong robot trainer has a ball container and a system to serve the balls to users.

You can customize the settings so that the trajectory of the balls, speed, angle, etc., suit your needs.

Advanced ones can be programmed to play a sequence of drills randomly. 

Which Balls Work With A Table Tennis Robot?

Depending on your robots and preferences.

If you want the robot to deliver consistently, we recommend the 3-star ball.

For more advanced devices that can randomize the drills, the most consistent ball you can find is the best choice.

In general, celluloid balls will be better, as they are more consistent than plastic ones.


Our best choice is the Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot.

Above is all about our top 10 best ping pong robot review.

We are in awe of this highly functional and well-made machine with its endless options like spins, frequencies, randomized modes, etc.

Of course, the price tag is not for everybody, and if you are just taking up table tennis, you might not want to pay that amount for a robot.

But for long-term, serious players and who want to really improve their game, it is definitely the right one.

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