7 Best Portable Ping Pong Tables For Your Home

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Top Best Portable Ping Pong Table For Home And Small Space Under 500

When thinking about recreational sports at home, we believe table tennis will be at the top of the list; the fun sport that connects people together.

It’s great that you have a table tennis table at home and play it whenever you like.

But spending a few hundred bucks to own a full-sized table that meets the ITTF’s standards is difficult. It is too big, not suitable for small spaces.

Don’t worry! We have a solution for you: A portable table tennis table.

It has been on the market for several years with various sizes and designs such as mini, mid-size, 3/4 and foldable.

We have selected some of the best portable table tennis tables for your home and factors to consider before deciding.

Let’s dive in!

Top Table Tennis Tables (Updated List)

Let’s not waste your valuable time on the thousand available portable ping pong table options and use it on practicing instead.

What Is a Portable Ping Pong Table?

A portable table tennis table is the perfect replacement for the regulation-size table.

It is suitable for small space apartments, family game rooms lacking space, or those who love mobility can play it anywhere.

Portable models can be stored, moved easily thanks to their compact, lightweight capacity and more affordable price than standard table tennis tables.

Children, adults and the elderly can play on the mini table tennis table. Standard height is suitable for teenagers, but kids can also play easily with just a few minutes of trial and error.

Types of portable table tennis table

They usually come in three common types, which are:

  • Small table tennis tables

As you might already know, 108x60x30 inches in length, width, and height are the standard dimensions for all ITTF – approved table tennis tables that can make it to official competitions.

But as professional as they can be, these full-sized products can get us into quite a tight corner when it comes to transportation.

In short, for home use only, you are going to need something more modest in size.

That explains the arrival of compact table tennis tables. They also go by the name of mid-sized and junior-sized tables.

  • Folding table tennis tables

When ping pong was first invented, the tables were rigid, as heavy as a ton of bricks, and, by all means, a handful for those unfortunate enough to transport them.

So, to put an end to this ridiculous massive nightmare, the folding structure came into being, and soon the whole ping pong world was all over it. 

These days, foldable tables have nearly taken over the entire market, and the rigid type, on the contrary, has become harder to find.

  • Ping pong table tops

What if you have already got a table with a suitable size for ping pong at home? Surely then, the idea of investing in a similar one does not appeal to you at all, right?

This is where the table tennis top comes in. Just the top and nothing else, this particular choice allows you to make a professional ping pong table out of any pool table or even desk.

Portable Ping Pong Table Buying Guide

Please consider the following before making a decision:

Table Surface

This is something you will for sure agree with us: The surface should be our priority when seeking a new ping pong table.

This is the factor that has a direct impact on the bounce of your ball.

Hence, if you desire to enjoy a match to the fullest, you should put the table surface’s quality above all else.

So, what exactly should you be seeking?

The surface thickness is of utmost importance to see whether the ball can reach excellent bounce upon contact with the tabletop.

The index of a superb ping pong table for home use should fall between 0.5 inches and 1 inch.

That being said, if you intend to kick your game up to high gear, set your eyes on ¾ inches – anything lesser can bend under massive forces.

The majority of tabletops meant for ping pong come in particle boards, widely known for the inconsistency in their quality.

Due to this, the go-to option should be something with an average density, as the resin in its construction exists in a high amount.

This kind of surface features optimal anti-warp ability, offering a higher bounce in return.

But how to tell these tables apart from the common ones? Well, through certain marks, of course.

High-quality tops usually consist of multiple layers, or there might be some screened-on lines that are not likely to get in the way of the game.


Built to last might not necessarily be the must-have feature of a top-notch product. Still, a top-notch product is bound to last as long as it can get.

With this in mind, durability is the next thing to factor in before purchasing the best portable ping pong table.

Hence, your job now is to study the frame and construction materials.

The best ping pong tables come with solid steel tubing accompanying a strong center frame to enhance your performance.

Most if not all the tables have oval-shaped or square-shaped legs to maximize their stability.

In addition to that, the connection point number and the number of cross beams can say a lot about how strong the table can be.


And that is not even close to the end; there are plenty of further criteria to consider.

These features might not be obligatory, but they can contribute significantly to your playing experiences. 

  • Waterproof/ Weatherproof: Not all ping pong tables are well protected against liquid and external factors. If you plan to hold some ping pong tournaments outdoors, make sure to get one with either or both of these features.
  • Playback feature: The best portable ping pong table can offer magnificent performance without this, of course. But suppose you need some extra practice and have no coach around; this feature will surely come in handy.
  • Assembly: Your interest in ping pong will not be there for long if the ping pong table is too complex to put together. This is why checking if the item of your choice offers a simple setup is of great importance. 

7 Best Portable Ping Pong Table

1. JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table

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JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table Great for Small Spaces...
  • MULTIPLE USE TABLES: Multi-purpose table halves are great for...
  • NO HASSLE, QUICK SET-UP & COMPACT STORAGE: Midsize Table Tennis Table...

Date back to the 1950s, the well-known brand – JOOLA is probably one of the prominent figures in the ping pong industry with a long-standing reputation.

Truth be told, for years, the brand has been a vital financial support for a couple of the worldwide table tennis tournaments that we all know and love, like the World Championships, US Opens, and even stretch to the Olympics.

But the brand doesn’t target only the big guys, which the JOOLA Midsize Ping Pong Table is evident proof.

JOOLA places quality above all else, and this motto applies to this Midsize Table as well.


To be proportionally equivalent to professional ping pong tables, JOOLA Midsize is around 2/3 of the ideal measurements. Because of this, it might not be the most compact choice in today’s review.

However, it pretty much compensates for this by offering excellent playing experiences, narrowing the gap between this table and the high-quality one.

Only the top material would be able to match this incredible performance, and JOOLA has in all means thought this through.

They have reinforced its strength with a medium-density fiberboard (MDF), one of the best table top materials.

To maximize the power, JOOLA gave the table a 1.8-inch top in thickness, which is the closest to professional ping pong tables that you can ever find.

With this, every ball is going to bounce like a charm whenever hitting the surface.

Another highlight of this JOOLA product lies in its unrivaled durability, which is enhanced by a steel-tubed frame construction.

With that, you may always have a blast, not worrying about the table collapsing.

This portable model lets you divide it into half, making transportation and storage less of a struggle. Suppose you have ever owned a non-foldable unit before.

In that case, you can tell how much just one lift drains your entire energy, let alone carrying it around. But as long as you stick to this mid-size table, you can avoid that!

Still, there is a catch. JOOLA Midsize might be a super table, but its net & post are nothing worth the praise.

They are so flimsy; they might snap at once if you put too much pressure on them.


  • Impressive playing surface
  • Solid frame
  • Separable 
  • Pre-assembled
  • Feature protectors at each corner


  • No wheel for transportation
  • Fragile net posts

2. GoSports Foldable Table Tennis Set

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set - Indoor/Outdoor Portable...
  • COMPLETE SET: Includes a mid-size 6 ft x 3 ft Table Tennis table with...
  • MIDSIZE TABLE: Table surface measures 6 ft x 3 ft, large enough for...
  • INSTANT SETUP: Folds out for play and folds up for storage in seconds...

Coming from the sunny Orange County of California, it is not a surprise that GoSports manufacturer became prominent in outdoor games, supplying top-notch equipment for the sports industry.

That’s why the GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set they have brought to the market is by all means worthy of an investment.


The very first thing about this unit from GoSports that will grab your attention is its versatility. As a newcomer in the industry, GoSports finds that direct competition would be unwise.

Thus, they switched strategy and concentrated on a usually neglected group of users: the ping pong newbies and grant them a full combo consisting of essentials only.

As such, when purchasing a complete set of GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis, you are going to receive two paddles, a game net, four ping pong balls, and one mid-size table tennis table.

All in all, you’ll have everything you ever need in hand to step right into the game and kick off your ping pong journey. 

With its ergonomic, optimal design, you can set up the entire unit and later fold it in half for storage in just a flash.

This is why the set is likely to pique newbies’ interest, as they don’t need to spend hours figuring out the user manual every time they play a ping pong match.

The ideal size aside, GoSports has applied cutting-edge technology and industrial-strength aluminum; therefore, it is not only light enough in weight but also solid in structure.

Interestingly enough, the whole unit is paired with some handles, giving you the chance to bring it everywhere you have in mind.

Still, there is nothing without any weakness. And for this GoSports Set, it’s nothing else but its surprisingly lightweight form.

A strong wind will move it around rather instantly. Keep this in mind and situate it on an even, non-bumpy surface.


  • Incredibly solid construction
  • Frame made of aluminum
  • Deliver fascinating bounces
  • Brilliant foldable mechanism


  • Ridiculously lightweight

3. STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table

STIGA Space Saver - Mid-Size Portable Table Tennis Table -...
  • Your purchase includes One STIGA Compact Table Tennis Table, net with...
  • Table tennis table dimensions: Assembled – 70" L x 40.5" W x 30" H |...
  • No assembly required – simply unpack, unfold, and play. Suggested...

Being known as the overall leader in tennis equipment production since the 1940s, STIGA has a reputation that can amaze even the long-time players.

So, as a fact, all products they have introduced to the public have undergone strict quality checks. Of course, the STIGA Space Saver is no exception.


As its name suggests, STIGA has strived to ensure the portability and size of this product are optimized.

With 70 inches in length and 40 inches in total width, along with an amazingly smart folding mechanism, this table can shrink down.

Thus, if you happen to live in a small-scale area, trust that it will never swallow all your valuable spaces.

We feel the need to mention that with its worldwide reputation, STIGA would compromise the quality just so that the table can stay compact.

The fact that they pair the table with an MDF-finished surface has already spoken volumes about this.

As a result, this is one of the smoothest and most leveled tabletop that can offer the perfect bounces for your ball. 

However, the complex finishes cannot hold out well against natural factors, so this may only be the best portable ping pong table for indoor games.


  • Finished tabletop
  • Sturdy enough
  • Share a similar size with standard table


  • Heavy body

4. JOOLA Tetra Ping Pong Table Top

JOOLA Tetra - 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top for Pool Table -...
  • CONVERT ANY TABLE: Convert your billiard, dining or outdoor picnic...
  • COMPACT STORAGE: 4-piece hinge design makes conversion process easy...
  • SCRATCH-FREE PROTECTION: Protective pads on the bottom of the...

This Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top, another well-known creation of JOOLA, does not share the same path with other ping pong tops.

Rather, it takes a whole new approach.


As you could tell from its name, this is a mere ping pong top.

Without the restriction of legs and all, you will likely transform any table of similar proportion into a powerful 0.472-inch thick ping pong table for an exciting game.

Therefore, undoubtedly, this one makes the greatest selection for people with a suitable table right at home.

This can be a rather cost-effective solution in comparison with a full-size table. Also, the transportation and storage of a tabletop will be a breeze.

The idea of a top with the same features but better convenience than a real table does sound appealing.

But will that come with the cost of quality? If this is bugging you, worry not! Do not forget that this is JOOLA we are talking about.

The top will be no different from what we see at the official tournament, both proportion-wise and performance-wise.


  • Incredibly compact
  • Full-size top
  • Simple assembly


  • A bit heavy

5. ZENY 6ft Foldable Table

ZENY Mid-Size Table Tennis Table Compact Ping Pong Table with Net...
  • Good Bounce Ping-pong Tables:The table top of the table tennis table...
  • Foldable & Space Saving: This ping pong table is made up of two...
  • Safe : Anti-collision corner The four corners of the table are...

As the most recent manufacturer in today’s entire list, ZENY can rival the big guys above for one reason only: their burning determination to bring you the best ping pong products ever.

You can see for yourself their passion with the 6-feet Foldable Ping Pong Table from ZENY.


This ZENY ping pong table’s surface is given a power boost with the MDF boards, which promises consistent and extraordinary bounces all the time.

Thus, the uninviting surprise bounce, one of the fearsome factors that can result in players losing points at any time, will not deter your game anymore.

This portable table tennis table has come with a special kind of anti-scratch paint to ensure that the extraordinary bounce is here to stay for time to come.

Besides, the paint offers a rather bright shade but hardly causes any glaring issue.

It also serves as a protection layer, keeping the table surface away from all the possible threats, such as heavy rain and severe heat from the sun.

In a way, this ZENY product can make quite a decent ping pong table for outdoor games!


  • Strong elastic surface
  • Anti-scratch
  • Impressive durability
  • Simple setup


  • Compact enough, but can be a bit heavy

6. Butterfly Junior 3/4 Ping Pong Table

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Butterfly Junior Stationary Ping Pong Table - 3/4 Size Table -...
  • PORTABLE PING PONG TABLE - 3/4 size of a regulation table tennis table...
  • GREAT TABLE TENNIS TRAINER - Slightly larger than a midsize table...
  • GAME ROOM TABLE - Larger than a mini ping pong table yet smaller than...

Not only for 2 people, but it is enough for 4 players. The name 3/4 says it all; it’s bigger than the midsize table.

This table is 30 inches in height, and the playing surface measures 81″ x 45″, so it is the largest surface of the table tennis tables that I review in this guide.

Looking at its 70lbs weight will probably make you feel a bit tired. But the manufacturer is also quite observant when they designed it in 2 halves. Each half weighs about 35 lb, making it easier to transfer.

Besides, it also has wheels to help you easily pull, push. When folded, it is only about 5 inches, quite reasonable!

The tabletop is made quite firmly with medium-density fiberboard (MDF), with 12mm thickness. It is available in 2 colors to choose from according to your preference: green and blue.

Compared to the standard thickness of professional desks, this one is thinner, which will cause the ball to bounce unevenly.

But 12 inches is more than enough for a portable ping pong table for home recreation. In my list, its thickness comes second, just behind the STIGA table (you can choose Stiga if you like thick tables)

Large, quite heavy and the legs are relatively thin. It makes the table less sturdy when you lean on it. But this is a small minus point; you will hardly notice.

Where space savings and portability are your top priorities, then Franklin would be the better choice.

But if you regularly play table tennis with a group of 4 then this table is ideal.


  • Famous and reputable brand
  • More secure with table corner pads
  • A nice quality clamp net is included


  • Pretty heavy

7. Franklin Sports Optima Mid-Size Table Tennis Table

Franklin Sports Mid-Sized Table Tennis Table - Optimum Mid-Size...
  • EASY ASSEMBLE: Designed for quick and easy assembly, so you can spend...
  • COMPACT DESIGN : While still standing at the 30" official height, the...
  • PRO DESIGN: The advanced playing surface is constructed to provide...

The height (30″) of the table meets the ITTF’s standards; the playing surface is only half (53” x 29.5″).

It offers the advantage of compact, easy to play in any space, whether small or large, from small entertainment rooms to the garden.

Furthermore, this design is versatile; you can make use of it as your desk, play cards or board games with family members.

Instead of being made up of 2 pieces, it is designed with only 1 block; this gives the advantage of stability, without wobbling in the middle part, and easier to attach the net than other mini tables.

The top material is made of smooth MDF to help the ball bounce up to competition standards, and surprisingly its weight is quite snug just 45 lbs.

Since it is easy to move, the material is very well made up so you can play outdoors.

It can endure some rains, but I still recommend bringing it indoors to ensure long-term use.

What I don’t like is its size is quite small compared to the other tables in this guide, so it’s only suitable for 2 players.

But if your criteria are compact, space-saving, it’s ideal.


  • Good material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Multipurpose


  • Too narrow

Portable Ping Pong Table FAQs

Do smaller ping pong tables exist?

Of course, they do! Small-sized tables have pretty much become a trend now as they allow even micro-apartment owners to indulge their love for ping pong.

As the name suggests, these units are modest in size and contact areas, so you cannot expect them to offer experiences similar to a professional model.

How thick should a ping pong table be?

From what we can tell, if optimal bounces are your utmost priority, getting something around ¾ inches is imperative.

But if you are a novice to the game or have a limited budget, it is OK to bring home something a bit thinner.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that 0.5 inches are the lowest level you can go. Any tabletop with less thickness is bound to warp.

As a consequence, the ball will bounce off track for sure, no matter how excellent your serve can be.

Which is better, a portable or stationary ping pong table?

Truth be told, if you can allocate enough space, a table tennis table of stationary type is undoubtedly the best selection.

Providing you with a much better playing experience aside, it can be quite a piece of impressive decoration for your home.

However, movable ping pong tables are not so bad themselves, as this article has pointed out.

Sacrificing a bit of the thickness is unavoidable, or else the unit will be tremendously heavy. But aside from that, they work like a charm.

How much space does a ping pong table require?

If a professional match is your goal, you will need a room big enough to house all the vital equipment and still leave sufficient space for you to move around.

For example, a 9×5 square feet room is the minimum requirement for a full-size table tennis table design.

Is junior ping pong table a decent choice?

This particular kind of equipment is an excellent pick to take juniors to the world of table tennis.

Nevertheless, because they are a down-sided version of the standard ones, they can be quite underwhelming for experienced adults.

You should also take into account that the built quality of these items is only somewhere above average.

How much can a portable ping pong table cost?

Typically, an easy-to-store ping pong table features a foldable structure or a reduced size.

Thus, the manufacturer will drive down the essential materials to keep them on the light and compact side.

As such, even the convenient storage ping pong table will cost around $300.

What should I look for when buying a ping pong table?

We have said it several times and we will repeat it; in ping pong, there is nothing more important than playing surface & bounce; this is the factor that has the power to break or make your game.

Tabletops are usually between 0.5 – 1 inch thick so that the ball can bounce consistently.

What is considered the standard measurement for a ping pong table?

The ITTF: International Table Tennis Federation, the only organization that delivers official rules for essential tournaments, has already stated that all full-sized tables need to be 9 inches in length and 5 inches in width.

How to make a portable ping pong table?

If budget is your primary concern, a DIY portable ping pong table is an excellent idea to enjoy the games to the fullest:

– First, prepare a massive chalkboard, as it can be the closest thing to a professional tabletop.
– Next, you should place the board on top of a table of the right size (we have already mentioned this earlier).

That’s it; your homemade table tennis is now ready!

Can a ping pong table fit in a minivan?

The short answer is: Yes. If you own one of the portable ping pong tables that I mentioned above, it will fit perfectly.

But if you want to put a standard ping-pong table into the car, your car must have a Roof Rack, or you have to remove the backseat.

Short Answer: Best Portable Table Tennis Tables (2022)

  • Best table tennis for small spaces: JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table
  • Best travel ping pong table: GoSports Foldable Table Tennis Set
  • Best folding ping pong table: STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table
  • Best ping pong top: JOOLA Tetra Ping Pong Table Top
  • Best outdoor ping pong table: ZENY 6ft Foldable Table
  • Best full-size portable ping pong table: Butterfly 3/4 Junior Ping Pong Table
  • Best mini ping pong table: Franklin Sports Optima Mid-size Ping Pong Table
  • Conclusion

    Do you have in mind your personal pick for the best portable ping pong table right now? We are glad if you did.

    However, if you still cannot make up your mind, perhaps you should consider getting the JOOLA Midsize; it is user-friendly and offers features fitting both professionals and newbies.

    Especially for newbies, it can get you accustomed to the games as well.

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