How to choose the best table tennis net and post set

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JOOLA Noctis 19mm Best Table Tennis Net and Post set

Choosing the best table tennis net and post set is a crucial part for any ping pong players who are on their way to achieving excellence.

However, if you are still unsure what that perfect net is, in this article, we will be providing you with everything you need to know before settling the bill!

Before getting to our suggested nets and post sets, it is important to understand what you are looking for, your priorities and the criteria on which to judge so that you can buy the best ping pong net possible.

Top Table Tennis Net And Post Set (Update List)

Buying guide in order to choose the best table tennis net and post set

Types of nets and specifications for each net

Certain nets, with all their benefits and flaws, are designed to appeal to specific types of customers.

Just because something is more expensive doesn’t mean it will be a perfect fit for you.

Here is a quick outline of all three types of nets and post sets that are currently available on the market for you to choose:

1. Retractable nets

  • Nets are notorious for their difficulty in setting up and putting away. Usually, they are long and unstructured which makes setting them up a challenge for anyone with little patience. However, rest assured because retractable nets are invented to solve this exact problem.
  • The design of this type of net is simple, yet effective. Two post sets, usually attached to each other will be separated for use when needed. After playing, the two posts will be pulled back to their initial compact selves for easy storage. If you are someone who has little patience as well as a beginner in this sport, this might be the best ping pong net for you.
  • One disadvantage of this net is the lack of a replacement table tennis net. Due to the lack of production, it is difficult for players to find another one for their nets when they are broken. However,  one easy alternative is to make one yourself at home. This can be helped by looking up DIY videos on youtube or reading blogs from other ping-pong enthusiasts.

2.  Clip-on nets

  • Designed with a clip that is affixed to the playing surface, clip-on nets is another solution for players who do not want to deal with the annoying problem of setting up a table tennis net.
  • Thanks to the fixture, clip-on nets proved to be the most reliable duo when it comes to our list for best table tennis net and post set. This type of net is used by both amateur and professional players because anyone can use it easily without knowing how to set up a table tennis net.
  • Unlike retractable nets, replacement table tennis nets for this kind are easily available everywhere at a reasonable price. Therefore, anytime you damage your net, don’t worry about paying an exorbitant amount of money for a new one.

3.  Professional clamp nets

  • As the name suggests, this type of net is usually used by professional players to compete in tournaments and official events. Clamp nets have the greatest level of stability among the three, so when used in competitive games, they cannot come off easily or move around during play.
  • Clamp nets require more preparation during the set-up and are typically more difficult to install. Posts are attached to the table by long screws, therefore learning how to set up this table tennis net takes quite a lot of effort.
  • It is also worth noting that clamp net costs more compared to all other types of nets currently available on the market. This is because it is designed to follow exact regulations of professional playing and is generally considered the “best ping pong net”.
Retractable netClip-on netClamp net
1. Pros:
+ Easy to set up and put away
+ Portable and can carry anywhere with ease
+ Cheap price

2. Cons:
+ Hard to find
+ Excessive length
1. Pros:
+ Easy fix and set up
+ Quite stable
+ Easily accessible
+ Both professional and recreational use

2. Con:
+ Can leave marks on the table
1. Pros:
+ Tournament – approved
+ Durable and very stable during play
+ Can adjust tension and heights

2. Cons
+ Expensive
+ Complicated to set up

To buy the best ping pong net, you should look for:

What kind of player are you?

Knowing what to look for is always important when buying any product.

Sometimes, the most expensive thing might not be the greatest fit for you. 

Selecting the right equipment when playing the sport is like choosing the right size for your shoes.

Sure, you can still walk on shoes that are not your size but those who perfectly hug your feet can help you excel in so many other things, dancing or playing ping pong for example.

Knowing the exact type of net you are looking for is the first gateway to find the best ping pong net and post set for your playing.

For example, if you play casually and for recreational purposes only, a retractable net is a great option for you.

But if you are a professional competitor, clip-on nets or clamp nets might be a better fit.

Choosing one that is unsuitable for your priorities can lead to a lot of disappointment and frustration.

Hence, we advise you to research everything thoroughly before buying.

Best ping pong net for popup game
Best ping pong net for popup game


Nowadays, life is getting increasingly busy with work, deadlines and responsibilities.

Most people spend their days in the office working like there’s no tomorrow or at school trying to finish every bit of the deadline until late at night.

To all of us, having a few moments to rest is already a luxury, let alone having the time to do any hobby.

Take ping pong, for instance, the amount of effort you have to spend on this is pretty daunting, from learning how to set up a table tennis net to maintaining your net or just simply carrying it around.

Therefore, to ease this problem, it’s in your best interest to choose something versatile.

This includes products with an easy set-up that allows you to play everywhere, portability and convenience.


Price is an important factor when purchasing any item and for ping-pong net, this is no exception.

It is not guaranteed that the most expensive net is going to be the best ping pong net and post set.

Sometimes, choosing something cheap might actually be better not only for your wallet but for your overall purpose and satisfaction.

That being said, just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it is a rip-off.

Nowadays, with so much competition in the market, brands constantly try to improve the quality of their products, from design, ingredients to marketing campaigns and certifications.

This obviously will make the product more expensive but in the long run, it might be a safer bet for your money.

Recommendations for best ping pong nets

1. PRO SPIN Ping-Pong Set with Portable Retractable Net

-20% Sale
PRO-SPIN All-in-One Portable Ping Pong Paddles Set | Table Tennis...
  • SET UP PING PONG IN SECONDS - Instantly transform any table into a...
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PRO SPIN Retractable Net is a great option for anyone with low maintenance.

The net of the product lies inside a pair of post sets, both of which are connected to each other in a compact case.

When setting up the net, simply separate those post sets and immediately, you will have a ping-pong table right in front of you.

This makes organizing games, especially pop-up ones, incredibly easy and convenient.

Besides its convenience, PRO SPIN Retractable Net also has great versatility.

The net has a width of 72 inches and can fit tables up to 2 inches thick.

These measurements are way bigger than a standard ping pong table ( around 5 feet wide and 0.7 inches thick) and a normal dinner table ( around 60 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick) so it is safe to say that PRO SPIN can be used across a variety of different settings.

One downside of this product, however, is the inconsistency in production.

Sometimes, the product might come in less-than-ideal conditions, for example: lack of balls, manual books, etc.

But overall, the majority of customers from PRO SPIN are satisfied with what they get.


  • Paddles are made of wood and very sturdy
  • Came with a free replacement set
  • Amazing packaging ( gift form available)


  • Inconsistency in production

2. JOOLA Retractable Portable Table Tennis Net

-5% Sale
JOOLA Retractable Ping Pong Net - Ping Pong Net for Any Table -...
  • PLAY TABLE TENNIS ANYWHERE: Portable on-the-go ping pong spring clamp...
  • EXTENDS LONGER THAN NORMAL PING PONG NETS: Fits tables and surfaces up...
  • EASILY ATTACH TO ANY SURFACE: Pull the ping pong net to any length and...

If you are always busy with little free time but still want to find a way to play ping-pong,  JOOLA might be the best ping pong net and post set for you.

Designed with a vision of convenience and speed in mind, the product is a perfect choice for anyone with a heavy schedule.

The spring clamp net system along with a button clamp helps you attach this net to any possible surface, making it super convenient and fun.

From your office desk to your lunch table, indoors or outdoors, any place is a potential playground for ping-pong.

Moreover, at 69 inches long, the net extends longer than the typical ping pong and can fit tables up to 1.75 inches ( the normal dinner table is around 1.5 inches thick) so don’t worry about limiting yourself to only small matches.

Finally, the product also comes with protective rubber padded tightening clamps to prevent destabilization during play.

This is a particularly innovative feature as it not only helps boost durability but also enhances the experience of players.

However, one common complaint about this product is that, despite its great length and versatility, the actual nets are usually not the most strong and durable.

For example, after using for a long time and especially with great intensity, the net might slowly weaken and detach from the table.


  • Adjustable length and spring clamp net makes sure to turn any surface into a ping-pong game
  • Greater length than a typical ping-pong net
  • Additional accessories (e.g: button clamp, protective rubber) to enhance the experience


  • The net will slowly weaken as time goes by.

3. STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation Table Tennis Net

-19% Sale
STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation Table Tennis Net and Post...
  • STIGA – Since 1944, STIGA has been the innovative leader in table...
  • TOURNAMENT GRADE – This 72” premium cotton blend net and...
  • PRECISE ADJUSTMENTS – The precise tension adjustment system with...
Recommendations for best table tennis net and post set (Clip-on)

The STIGA Premium Clipper 72’’ justifies its price by the amazing, tournament-level quality.

The product is very durable.

The two heavy-duty steel post sets provide a strong and solid base for players, minimizing the risk of damage.

Next, the net itself is made from a premium cotton blend to not only boost the tautness but also to prevent breakage under pressure.

Moreover, this is the best ping pong net and post set for customization.

Both tension and height are adjustable.

By providing customers with a measurement device, the STIGA net not only makes it easier to change but also makes sure those changes are precise.

Finally, The STIGA net is great for setting up and putting away.

The company offers a free spring-activated clip in every packet to simplify the removal of the net.

If you are someone with little patience, this is a must-have.

One drawback of this product, however, is a lack of quality control.

Sometimes, the net will arrive shorter or longer than expected or the tautness is not of high quality.

Despite that, we are informed that the STIGA team is working their hardest to minimize these unfortunate incidents.


  • Tournament-level quality
  • High-quality ingredients (premium cotton and heavy-duty steel)
  • High precision in adjustments
  • Easy for set-up and removal


  • Lack of quality control

4. JOOLA Spring Professional Table Tennis Net and Post Set

-23% Sale
JOOLA Spring Professional Table Tennis Net and Post Set - ITTF...
  • TOURNAMENT QUALITY: The premium JOOLA Spring Net has passed...
  • EXCEPTIONAL MATERIAL AND DESIGN: Includes two sturdy, heavy-duty metal...
  • QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY: This durable ping pong net & post set is 72"...
Recommendations for clamp nets

The JOOLA Net is one of a few clamp nets on the market right now that has passed the professional testing requirements and is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) for use in competition, including the Olympics and World Championships.

The JOOLA Clamp Net is one of the best ping pong nets for durability.

This attribute comes in the form of both the product’s net and its two post sets.

Specifically, while the 2 solid, heavy-duty metal posts help provide strong support for the net and prevent it from damage, the double-woven cotton-steel thread net offers users extra tautness as well as durability when used for a long time.

Besides the high-quality product, JOOLA is also very creative in their approach to solving the perennial problem of clamp nets: complicated and difficult to set up.

By designing the net in a quick clamp system, the company helps the attachment of the bracket to the table incredibly easily and fast.

This might come in handy for anyone who does not want to learn how to set up a table tennis net.

However, despite all its benefits, the JOOLA Clamp net also has one weakness: its price.

There are many explanations for this price point.

Namely, the high-quality products, the brand’s incredible reputation but regardless, we think this net is a wonderful asset to add to your table tennis collection.


  • Approved by the ITTF for professional playing
  • Exceptional material and design
  • Very durable
  • Ensure you can always play at optimal environment


  • High price

5. Comesee Professional Table Tennis Clamp Net

Comesee Professional Table Tennis Ping Pong Net Post Set Strength...
  • Tournament-level table tennis net and post set, 1.5 inch clip surface...
  • 72" premium cotton blend mesh and sturdy heavy-duty metal posts
  • Ping pong net screw clamp and chains adjustment ensure height and...

The Comesee net offers a professional and tournament-approved experience with its high-quality features.

The 72” premium cotton blend mesh makes sure to keep the net always in taut and perfect condition and the sturdy heavy-metal posts serve as extraordinarily strong support for the whole system.

This makes the best ping pong net and post set when it comes to playability and comfort.

Other than that, the product comes with rubber padding that helps the net grip more firmly.

This addition helps eliminate any fear of destabilization or coming off during play.

Last but certainly not least, the Comesee net is only under $40!

This is only over the price of the clip-on net a little bit and among the world of expensive clamp nets, ComeSee undoubtedly takes the crown for having the best price.


  • Tournament-level quality at a cheap price
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Great playability and comfort
  • Easy set-up and removal
  • 12-month warranty


  • It will not work with some tables.

Table tennis net & post – FAQs:

Will the impact of the ball leave any marks on the table?

Most of the time, no.
Most of our nets have clamps or button clamps that are made from soft foam to ensure no unwanted marks are left furring the set-up.

Some products even have a one-click set up to prevent any damaging force on the table surface (e.g: PRO SPIN Retractable net)

How tight should a table tennis net be?

You can examine how tight your net has been set up by trying out a few hits.

If the ball hits the top of the net without changing its direction, the net might be too loose.

Besides, you can use a tension measurement device to help you out.
Put it in the middle of the net and let it hang freely.

Next, use a ruler to measure and set the height accurately and you are set!

Can you hit the net in table tennis?

Yes, if you hit the net during a rally, that can be counted as a legitimate hit.

However, when you are serving, the ball that hits the net will be considered “let” serve and does not count as a hit.

How do you tie the net on the side?

Usually, with a retractable net, setting up simply means separating the two posts set and balancing them on the table.

However, for clip-on nets or clamp nets, you can attach the provided clamp or fixture clip on the surface of the table to secure the net.

Quick Answer: The Best Table Tennis Net and Post Set in 2022?

Final Words

The best table tennis net and post set above can enhance your experience as a player, both amateur and professional alike, to the fullest extent.

Before investing in a net, you must thoroughly understand your needs, finance, as well as all the necessary information about the product in order to choose the most perfect fit possible.

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