Best Table Tennis Return Board Reviews (Top 2021) and Buying Guide

You don’t need any partner or coach to practice table tennis.

The best table tennis return board will help you train your ping pong techniques by yourself at any place you desire.

This type of ping pong returner does not cost you an arm and a leg, and it gives you a highly realistic feeling of actual table tennis matches.

With the help of this product, you can improve your ping pong skills quickly.

Quick Answer: The Best Table Tennis Return Board in 2021

Top Table Tennis Return Board (Updated List)

How To Choose Table Tennis Return Board?

1. Benefits of Table Tennis Return Boards

Help You Practice

A table tennis rebound board allows you to practice individually, which is also the reason why people call it a table tennis self-practice board.

These boards can greatly support you with your forehand and backhand topspin, footwork, and drive shots.

Plays will switch to different directions to practice different types of shots when mounted on a stand. 

To maximize the complexity, you can set up these ping pong backboards near or far from the bench.

Improve Your Skill

Tennis rebounder aids in the development of speed, power, and endurance.

You are able to learn a lot of new skills when using that board for training hours.

It will also help you become a stronger competitor.

When you’re up against elite players at a higher level, stamina is a crucial asset.

Another benefit of the table tennis rebound board is that it will give you direct input when you try serving and add topspin towards the ball.

It can deflect after reaching the board, allowing you to know how much topspin you’re adding to your serve.

Make You Relaxing

After a series of days of studying and working, this item is perfect for releasing your worries as well as easing your mind and body.

2. How To Choose Table Tennis Return Board?

For Beginner

The question of how to choose table tennis return board is common among beginners.

Because this ping pong returner board can be hard to navigate at first, it is essential to try cautiously and in steps.

Many of the top players put in a lot of effort to become excellent table tennis players. 

To start, place the board next to the table and focus on the body posture and footwork.

You may also need to remove the net, as you do not want the ball to keep reaching the net.

It can lead to dissatisfaction and a lack of motivation.

It is advisable that the net be removed so that you can smash the ball against the board and still bring it back to hit.

It’s best not to strike the ball too hard, or it will rebound off the surface.

A newbie has to prepare a lot of balls because chasing one ball will waste a lot of your time.


Having the right technique for serving the ball is really necessary.

You’ll need to watch lots of videos and practice by hitting the ball against the rebounder to do this. 

Keep your knees bent and your body at a decent angle to the table to focus on your body position.

Also, shift your hips and hands following the shots you’ll be playing. 

If you move the board away from the table, the difficulty will increase, and you will be able to learn how to produce topspin on your ball.

Forehand and Backhand Drives

You should start training with the net once you’ve reached your target of 10-15 ball rallies.

Surely, by now, you’ve figured out how much force you’ll need to return the ball without touching the net.

You can claim you are no longer an amateur if you can proceed with 15 ball rallies with your net.


Using the table tennis return board to practice sidespin is also a vital skill in table tennis.

If a spin-generating ball is hit against a spin-generating return ball, the ping pong rebounder board deflects it at an angle to display how much spin was produced.

When playing against another player, it’s difficult to tell how many spins you’re generating.

Still, playing against your board, you’ll be able to tell exactly the amount of spin you’re generating.

3. Which Return Board Is Best For You?

Advance Rebounding Structures

With this type of return board, producers use rubber to get outstanding rebounding.

You will get a lot of feedback by putting in a little power.

These table tennis return board rubber are best for players who have a good handle on backhand and forehand topspin and can deliver fast shots.

Double-Bounder Structures

These boards are created by putting two boards together at an unparalleled angle.

You should angle them in a variety of ways and offer a variety of gaming experiences.

To get a variety of twists and bounces, you can use board angles.

Mini Boards Structures

Following the net, this third board type is put on the bench.

A player can gain a better understanding of practicing bottom spin and improve shot accuracy this method.

Close-Up Board Structures

People use a combination of boards to make up this board structure.

It will help you much in both topspin and backspin.

You can put that close-up board near the net and the advanced rubber board.

Depending on the preferences of the players, you can also use a variety of combinations.

Below are the 3 best returners. Please spend a few minutes reading our reviews of them!

Best Table Tennis Return Board Review

#1: Wally Rebounder Advanced Return Board

Wally Rebounder Advanced Table Tennis Ping Pong Return Board
  • MASTER PING PONG WITHOUT A PARTNER: Are you an intermediate to...
  • ENDLESS ADJUSTMENT: This table tennis aid can be setup for various...
  • EASY TO SETUP: The Wally Rebounder is a breeze to setup, simply attach...

This table tennis rebound trainer of the Wally Rebounder company can support all types of people, from beginners to experts.

It comes up with an adjustable mounting system, which allows you to change the position and the angle for different levels of training.

The table tennis return board rubber surface has met the ITTF standard.

It will give a good amount of bouncy like the table used in professional tournaments.

After setting up this board, the measurement of it will be 14.75 inches in width and 33.5 inches in length, big enough to help you practice your techniques.

You may feel quite difficult to play with this board in the beginning.

But since you get used to this item, you definitely will see it as your best ping pong partner.


  • Support both beginners and experts
  • Rubber surface meets ITTF standard
  • Easy to set up


  • No backspin returns in basic configuration
  • Hard to use at the beginning

#2: yuanclllp Table Tennis Rebound Board

Table Tennis Rebound Board Rebounder With 8 Red Rubbers, Improved...
  • Self training: Play without training partner. unlike robot machine,...
  • 2nd Generation product: Developed by professional team: a) 8 rubbers...
  • Material: The wooden rebound board, the robust steel frame and the...

If you require a ping pong rebounder that has a wide surface, we recommend this yuanclllp rebound board.

While most products on the market have 6 sections covered in rubber, this product features 8.

The yuanclllp manufacturers have focused on the quality construction of this board.

They build it with a solid wooden and robust steel frame.

Also, they applied strong steel instead of plastic to build the wheels, making them durable and easy to move around.

With this design, the ping pong backboard will give you the best practicing and playing experience.

What turns this product down is the houttuynia smell caused by its rubber.

This odor may cause allergies to several players. So please be careful using this product!


  • 8 sections covered in rubber
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to move around


  • Houttuynia smell of rubber may cause allergy

#3: jsbx Table Tennis Rebound Board

Thumb up for this jsbx table tennis self practice board!

This item has left a big impression on us due to its special design. 

In detail, the manufacturers have applied multiple special coats to the rubber surface of this table, allowing it to return the ping pong ball quickly and precisely.

They have also added a special glue to the sponge of the table to help it provide long looping balls at high accuracy. 

This table tennis rebound board is 23.6 long and 15.75 wide.

However,  it does not take much space in your storage, as you can turn the lock knobs on 2 sides of the table to fold it up.

Really convenient, right?


  • Special coating rubber surface for high speed and precise ball returning
  • Providing long looping ball
  • Foldability helps saving space


  • N/A


Among these 3 products, the Wally Rebounder is the best table tennis return board overall.

It provides multiple adjustable features that help you change the levels of the training.

Both newbies and professionals can get along well with this product. 

Also, we have to give a big compliment to the table tennis return board material.

The rubber surface has met the standard of the ITTF.

It will return the ball to you with speed and accuracy as in professional matches.

What is your choice? please share it with us!

We believe that the product you choose will serve you at best!

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