Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Review: Yay Or Nay?

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The Butterfly 603 is a 5-ply wood blade, and though it’s not the best in the Butterfly line, it’s still a good choice to consider.

In addition, since it’s ITTF-approved and comes with a Wakaba 2.1 rubber, you can use it in competitions.

So, check this Butterfly 603 ping pong paddle review to know better.

Butterfly B603FL Ping Pong Paddle Set | 1 Table Tennis Racket | 1...
  • Blade Construction: 5 Ply-Wood
  • Flared Handle: Concave At The Center
  • Forehand Rubber: Wakaba 2.1mm

Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Overview

The Butterfly 603 racket is prefabricated.

While professional table tennis players usually buy blades (the wooden skeleton) then change out their rubbers based on their style of play, how they feel, how much spin/power they want, and so on.

Premade rackets are often geared for beginners and intermediate players who want something they can use right away to practice on and improve their skills.

Let’s have a look at the features of the 603. 

The rubbers designed for power and spin

The Butterfly 603 paddle contains rubbers of two different thicknesses on both sides is one of its most intriguing characteristics.

Wakaba, 2.1 mm rubber, is used on the red side (making it stronger for shots), whereas Wakaba 1.9mm rubber is used on the black side. 

This means you may select the side based on how much force you need for a specific shot.

In fact, this will not make a huge impact, but even a small difference can make a big difference in the type of game you wish to play, especially when you want to improve your playing skill.

One of the factors that make it difficult to suggest it for COMPLETE beginners is that it has a high-speed rating but a low control rating (about 85), which is insufficient for individuals who are just starting in the furious game of Ping Pong.

Furthermore, the thick rubber makes the paddle heavy, and your arm may become tired after a short period of play.

The Blade

The carbon-based arylate integrated into the five-ply hardwood blade is one of the reasons many have commented on the racket’s strength.

The carbon expands the “sweet spot” region of the paddle’s surface.

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The Handle

It has a slightly flared handle that allows you to grasp the paddle better and keep it from sliding out of your hands.

However, it also has a short handle, so individuals with bigger hands may find it difficult to use the bat.

If you have a large hand, we recommend looking for a racket with a larger handle to avoid discomfort.


Butterfly has given a spin a score of 90 out of 603, but it deserved a better rating.

It’s pretty adequate, not extraordinary, and has a reasonable level of tackiness, which should be sufficient for people looking to update the old bat that you discovered in your attic.

Which Users Would Suit This Paddle?

Both professional and intermediate players can use this paddle, though for beginners this might be a little too much for beginners.

Simply said, this implies that both intermediate and professional players will be able to utilize the qualities of the racket to provide decent performance.

About the Butterfly 603 shakehand racket review: this table tennis racket features a long handle that is ideal for a shake-hand grip.

So, if you like a pen-hold grip, this racket might not be the greatest choice for you.

It is also the shake-hand grip that makes it less advantageous for an aggressive player as opposed to a defensive player.

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Additional Features

One additional characteristic should be mentioned.

The Butterfly 603 comes with a great zipper case.

However, if you’re going to invest in a decent racket, such as that one, it’s worth it to store it in the case of a tables tennis bag; it’s not the greatest, but it’ll do the job and keep the rubbers in excellent form for longer, as well as protect them from dust.

Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle


  • Good intermediate ratings 
  • Great rubber sits competitors from other brands.
  • Thick sponge and rubbers 
  • 30 day warranty – Butterfly provides a 30-day guarantee in the event that your product is damaged


  • Quite heavy means that if you’re not used to it, you’ll become tired much faster.
  • The handle is a little short 
  • Not appropriate for full novices 
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Should You Buy This Product? 

In the Butterfly 603 racket review section on Amazon.com, 75% of purchasers agreed that the Butterfly 603 merited 5 stars for its quality, 14% rated 4 stars for this product, whereas just 5% thought it fell short of their expectations and gave it a one-star rating.

Most customers made good Butterfly 603 fl racket review and satisfy with the qualities and think it is great for newbies.

Besides, if you just want to get used to the speed of the game and a fundamental of technique, then this rackets is perfect for that.

However, some customers complained that the pin isn’t worth the prize and the uncomfortable sound it makes while playing is very annoying.

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Butterfly 603 FAQs

1. Is it possible to change the rubber on the paddle?

No. However, there is no need to bother about changing the rubber.
The Wakaba rubber used in this paddle is of high quality and long-lasting.
As a result, no replacement is required.

2. Are high-priced table tennis rackets worthwhile?

Yes! The more costly racket is frequently good.
But only if you have the fundamentals of table tennis.
Selecting an overpriced racket when beginning table tennis is not only a waste of money but may also destroy your game.

3. What is more important: blade or rubber?

The rubber is significantly more important.
For example, you may change from long pips to T05 inverted.
That’s a big difference because it entirely changes the way you play.
No blade, in my opinion, will ever make that much of a difference.


It’s the end of the butterfly 603 paddle review, now you can consider if this paddle suitable for your need or not.

The Butterfly 603 is a fantastic paddle that will undoubtedly help you progress as a player and provide you with the spin and speed you want as you improve your ping pong abilities. 

However, if you take your game seriously and want to compete in tournaments, this may not be the perfect one for you.

So, whatever your choice is, I hope you’ll be happy with it.

Have a beautiful day!

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