Timo Boll Alc vs Spirit: Specification & Feature Comparison

Capturing your confusion about which table tennis blade between Timo Boll Alc vs Spirit suits you best, we are here to give you a valuable comparison. Let’s dive in.

Butterfly Timo Boll Blades Comparison

Design Comparison

 Timo Boll AlcTimo Boll Spirit
Weight90 g89g
Size157 mm x 150 mm157 mm x 150 mm
Thickness5.8 mm5.7 mm
Editor’s rating9.39.3
Playing styleperfect for pro players with offensive flicking and looping playing- styleideal for intermediate and advanced players with offensive European looping playing-style
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Comparison Between Timo Boll Spirit Vs Alc

The Timo Boll ALC and its rival share the same size, specifically 157 mm x 150 mm for their bodies.

Yet, the Butterfly Timo boll Spirit table tennis blade is 1 gram lighter than the ALC, at 89(g) and 90 (g), respectively.

Besides, both of them own seven piles and have similar materials for these components.

Their piles consist of two Arylate Carbon piles and five pieces of Koto, Limba, and Kiri wood.

This offers an excellent balance of control and speed.

The Performance Comparison

Based on table 1, especially Speed and Control criteria, it is noticeable that the Timo Boll Alc blade offers more outstanding performance than its competitor.

The speed-control index of the Alc is 8.9 – 8.7.

In comparison, the Butterfly Spirit reaches 8.5 – 8.5. 

However, Timo Boll Alc is relatively fast and quite hard to control.

Thus only experienced players may make use of this blade well.

Based on many Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Reviews and the index of consistency and hardness/ stiffness of the Spirit, we can notice that this table tennis blade is ideal for average players who follow a consistent playing style.

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Vs Timo boll Spirit review full comparison
Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Vs Timo boll Spirit review full comparison

Quick Rundown Of Butterfly Timo Boll ALC

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Table Tennis Blade - Arylate-Carbon Fiber...
  • The Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade is a perfect marriage of speed,...
  • Arylate-Carbon plies are softer than traditional carbon, allowing for...
  • Designed for versatile spin play, players can flick and loop with...


  • Super speed
  • Outstanding control
  • Excellent for offensive


  • Pretty pricey
  • Not suitable for newbie

Quick Review Of Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit

Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Table Tennis Blade - Arylate-Carbon...
  • The Timo Boll Spirit is a classic blade for the European looping...
  • 5 wood and 2 ALC plies create a wonderful balance of speed and control
  • An enlarged sweet spot results in more consistent play, reducing...


  • Quite light
  • Ideal for intermediate players


  • Do not offer great speed

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