Butterfly Viscaria Vs Timo Boll Spirit – Who Gives You Peak Performance?

Our review compares the two professional blades: Butterfly Viscaria vs Timo Boll Spirit.

Though both are the most helpful assistants for players and share excellent qualities in common, they differ in some respects and show different upsides & downsides.


If you’re in a hurry, we’ll spill the beans a little.

Indeed, we lean slightly towards the Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit table tennis blade as the bat is crispier and more consistent than the latter one.

In-depth Comparison: Butterfly Viscaria vs Timo Boll Spirit


 Butterfly ViscariaButterfly Timo Boll Spirit
Materials5 wood plies, 2 Arylate-carbon5 wood plies (Koto, Limba, Kiri), 2 Arylate-carbon (ALC)
Playing styleCounter-attacking, Mid-range styleOffensive, Short-distance style
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Both blades belong to Butterfly – a brand renowned for the successful Arylate-Carbon series.

The combination of the two fibers gave birth to a range of blades with large sweet spots, a crispy feel, and fantastic vibration control.

The Butterfly table tennis Viscaria blade was the prior model to the TBS.

Many famous early players used it in professional tournaments, like Zhang Jike or Michael Maze.

The Timo Boll Spirit was named after the talented German contestant Timo Boll and became his signature blade.

It’s a top-quality bat, bearing Butterfly’s unique feel and touch.

Butterfly Viscaria vs Timo Boll Spirit review full comparison
Butterfly Viscaria vs Timo Boll Spirit review full comparison


The 7-ply TBS is lighter in weight with 89g, while the Viscaria weight is 90g.

Normally, the more lightweight the blade, the higher the speed, but less amount of control.

A faster blade creates faster shots, producing rapid and powerful strikes.

Thus, Timo’s bat applies to players with an aggressive playing style and good controlling ability.

It’s a symbol of impactful attacks at utmost speed.

Meanwhile, a newbie should choose the slower Viscaria blade, as it’s better to start learning proper techniques with a decent-speed bat.


When it comes to Viscaria blade review, ‘flexibility’ springs to our mind right away.

At the stiffness rate of 5.1, the tad is extremely pliable, generating more spins and longer dwell time.

This blade especially fits European players who adore counter-attacking play.

Although Timo’s bat measures a higher rate of 5.5, it’s rigid and flexible at the same time.

It’s good at blasting balls away – the secret behind smashing hits.

Sportsmen with short-distance looping advantage should choose this one for offensive rubbers.


Fast blades are often harder, and slow ones are generally softer.

The Viscaria is absolutely softer than its younger brother yet remains adequately crispy.

We highly recommend the blade for flat shots.

Soft bats slow the return, block off the bounce fiercely.

This can be a big part of the game, scoring you perfect points.

If you’re into a pure crispness, Timo Boll Spirit is the way to go.

The outer Koto piles contribute greatly to giving out quick, clean, and crispy strikes.

Don’t worry about it going to be too hard!

The Arylate layer will soften the bat for sure and slow the ball down, hence a balance between control and outgoing impact.


When talking about Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit review, stability is one of the key selling points of the blade.

Even though the model is on the light side, we could feel steadiness in every strike.

We rarely missed the table when we started our loops and counter looped the opponents’ attack.

The Viscaria was less responsive as a result of two hard carbon piles.

However, the vibration was minimal.

We could still experience good touch and feel.

General Thoughts

In a word, Timo’s blade is popular among advanced players.

Meanwhile, Viscaria appeals to beginners and the intermediate.

An experienced contestant tends to play it offensively, and that’s why TBS is for them.

It offers players a nice balance of speed and control, allowing them to time their strikes well while performing bold and spectacular hits.

The TBS embraces outstanding hardness and stiffness.

We mean, you can “blast” anytime with this one.

The only thing to mind is its insane fast drives.

Sometimes, we sweat buckets focusing on the outgoing ball.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting way to train your reflex and concentration.

On the other hand, the Butterfly Viscaria is softer and more flexible, letting players apply extra spin.

That extra spin is the key to playing short balls and angled balls.

For newbies, this one is the best to help them train basic skills and level up.

In the area when many are just smashing, Viscaria is a fresh presence delivering additional flexibility.

However, the blade still maintains the force to blast when needed.

Quick Rundown Of Butterfly Viscaria

Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade ALC Blade - Professional...
  • High Quality Arylate Carbon Blade
  • The Viscaria Blade has a pronounced sweet spot which results in more...
  • This blade is used by top players like World Champion Zhang Jike


  • Suitable for counter-attacking and pro players
  • Soft and flexy
  • Adequate speed


  • More vibration

Quick Review Of Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit

Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Table Tennis Blade - Arylate-Carbon...
  • The Timo Boll Spirit is a classic blade for the European looping...
  • 5 wood and 2 ALC plies create a wonderful balance of speed and control
  • An enlarged sweet spot results in more consistent play, reducing...


  • Quick & powerful strikes
  • Suitable for aggressive looping and beginner & intermediate players
  • Responsive
  • Crispy


  • Sometimes, the speed is out of control


Blades contribute greatly to creating fantastic hits.

Hence, table tennis enthusiasts always desire to seize the best bats to level up their performances.

Butterfly Viscaria vs Timo Boll Spirit – either of them boasts critical competitive advantages.

All you need to do is pick one that fits your playstyle and rock.

Trust us! You can’t go wrong with each of them.

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