A Quick Comparison Of Butterfly Viscaria Vs Zhang Jike Alc

As Butterfly Viscaria vs Zhang Jike Alc is among the most commonly asked comparison pair when talking about table tennis, this writing will give you an overview comparison between them. Read on!

Design Comparison

 Butterfly ViscariaZhang Jike Alc
Piles7 (5 woodpiles. 2 Arylate carbon fibers)7 (5 woodpiles. 2 Arylate carbon fibers)
Playing styleWork out well for anyone who follows the mid rage or topspin counter attack style. This blade is most suitable for short gameplay.Great performance in attacking style. It offers an impressively fast and strong backhand hit.
Stiffness5.2  5.9
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Function Comparison Of Viscaria Vs Zhang Jike ALC

In general, it is quite hard to find which one is better between Viscaria vs Zhang Jike, as each has its own pros and cons. 

Regarding the weight, Viscaria is a little bit lighter than the Zhang Jike Alc.

While with Viscaria, you have a very lightweight speed play with both sides and great control of any short game.

The main disadvantage of Viscaria is it is not suitable for professional players who want to improve their rating and level with a forehand drive.

Eventually, when taking Zhang Jike Alc review, you might find this blade with its heavy head that offers a solid wave at attacking style.

The Zhang Jike super Alc lets you do the lifting underspin and counter looping faster, while you can still feel the touch of Viscaria in a short or mid-distance game.

However, a small minus point of ZJK is that it delivers quite a hard feeling.

This point sometimes makes ZJK difficult to control for beginners or professionals who practice the games.

Other than that, based on every Zhang Jike blade review, its 100×25 mm handle will be more comfortable and wider than Viscaria at 100×24 mm.

Even though some blisters on your hand are not a big problem, it is surely a plus point for ZJK.

Especially when you are a pro player, you must not want to harm your hand by using the blade for a long time.

Last but not least, we think that the only disadvantage of both Viscara and Zhang is that they are unsuitable for beginner players who are still learning fundamental strokes.

The Zhang one is also considered as expensive to some players, even though its quality is worth the price.

Quick Rundown Of Butterfly Viscaria

Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade ALC Blade - Professional...
  • High Quality Arylate Carbon Blade
  • The Viscaria Blade has a pronounced sweet spot which results in more...
  • This blade is used by top players like World Champion Zhang Jike


  • Good balance in speed control and spin
  • Can do well for short play
  • Variety in use


  • A little less power for forehand play.

Quick Review Of Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC Table Tennis Blade - Arylate-Carbon...
  • The Zhang Jike ALC is a high performance blade for attack-minded...
  • The Arylate-Carbon plies blend show-stopping power with exceptional...
  • This blade is ideal for players seeking to quickly switch from soft...


  • Work out well for professional
  • Wide handle
  • Most suitable for attacking play


  • Quite costly
  • A little hard to use for beginner

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