What Are The Common Violations In Table Tennis? – Basics To Know

Participating in a professional match requires following the ping-pong service rules.

If the referee notices any incorrect behavior or movement during service, they may warn the server or issue appropriate sanctions.

Therefore, knowing clearly “What are the common violations in table tennis” or “What happens if you hit an out ball in tennis” not to violate is very necessary.

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What Are The Common Violations In Table Tennis?

What Are The Common Violations In Table Tennis?

Held The Balls With The Fingers

According to the current world table tennis rules, service will begin with the ball resting freely on the open palm of the server’s free hand. 

Hiding The Ball From The View Of Any Of The Players

Typically, these players will disguise touch with the ball by using their upper body or arms.

To serve properly, your opponent must be able to see the ball when you are serving, and this is also the answer to the question: why do ping pong players stare at ball before serve?.

You Must Strike The Ball From Behind The End Line.

Can the ball go off the side in ping-pong?

From the start of service until hit, the ball must be above the playing surface level and behind the server’s end line.

You must not take any action to hide the ball from the view of others to avoid affecting the game.

Quick Serves

Or known as ghost serves.

So, Is The Ghost Serve Legal? 

A level playing field is one of the unwritten laws of every sport.

Some players attempt to gain an edge by catching their opponents off guard and serving them while they are unprepared.

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Is The Ghost Serve Legal?

If the umpire notices this error on your behalf, they may request you serve the ball again. 

And one more important thing about serving “Is it illegal to switch hands in table tennis”, then you can switch hands.

Tossing The Ball Must Be In The Vertical Direction.

The best advice is to toss the ball vertically, but don’t worry if it lands backward or slightly to the side.

You can describe a slight back or side movement as “close to vertical”, which is considered a legal service within the rules.

Violate When Hitting The Ball

Toss the ball such that it is pointing straight up at the sky and at least 16 cm away from the table.

The ball must fall without contacting anything after leaving the free hand.

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Can You Volley The Ball In Table Tennis?

The rules for this response are 2.5.8, 2.10.1, and

Table Tennis Rules in Professional Tournaments

When the ball falls, the one who makes the serve must hit it so that it first touches his court and then directly touches the receiver’s court.

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What happens if you hit an out ball in tennis?

Catching a volley is a tennis technique in which you strike the ball before it touches the ground or, in table tennis, the tabletop.

This is the blunder of not allowing the ball to touch the table.

Your opponent earns a point if you strike the ball back while it is going to the playing area.

You must allow the ball to bounce on the table before hitting it.

You will lose the rally if you do not wait.

What Happens If The Ball Hits Your Finger In Ping Pong?

Because a finger is a body part that players can use to contact the ball in ping pong, touching the ball with the racket hand from your wrist is permitted.

If it bounces on your finger, the ball will not be tallied as a point against you.

In ping pong, all players are permitted to touch the ball from time to time, whether it is their opponent’s turn or their serve.

Because players are only permitted to use their racket hands and up to their wrists, hitting your opponent’s finger with your racket will not result in a point for your opponent.

What Happens If The Ball Bounces Twice In Table Tennis?

According to, there should be no problem if you touch the ball more than once, but only if you do it by mistake.

It is the player’s obligation to serve to the satisfaction of the umpire or assistant referee that they comply with the requirements of the table tennis service regulations, and the umpire or assistant referee may determine that a service is improper.

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What Happens If The Ball Bounces Twice In Table Tennis?

Does The Ball Have To Bounce In Ping Pong?

When the ball falls, the servers shall hit it so that it first touches their court and then directly touches the receivers’ court.

In doubles matches, the ball will successively touch the right half of the receiver’s side and the right side of the tabletop of the opponent.

According to the rules set forth by the Table Tennis Association, players must hit the ball to count as a point, and if it bounces off accidentally, this is a violation of the rules.

Table Tennis FAQs

Can You Spike The Ball In Ping Pong?

Unlike other sports, spikes are not allowed in table tennis.
It is considered a rule violation, and you will miss the point.

Can You Hit The Ball Around The Net In Table Tennis?

No rule prohibits you from letting the ball go around the net as long as it can reach the opponent’s court.

Can Your Hand Touch The Ball In Table Tennis?

Can you return tennis balls hand?
In ping pong, players can touch the ball with their hands and use everything up to their wrists for certain purposes. 

Can You Throw Your Paddle In Ping Pong?

No, you can’t. An act like this can be considered a violation, and you may lose your points.

Can Table Tennis Use Legs?

The lower body is the foundation of your fitness, so of course, there’s no rule that prevents you from using your legs.

Can You Touch The Table In Ping Pong?

You can touch the tennis table without any problems.
However, note that it does not apply to the free hand.

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