Cornilleau Sport 500m Outdoor Table Reviews

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The Cornilleau Sport 500M is one of the top table tennis tables mainly designed for the outdoors. It has all of the properties of a high-end outdoor table: safety, aesthetics, dependability, ergonomics, and durability.  Specifically, our post also offers a general comparison between many versions: Cornilleau 400M vs 500M vs 700M vs Cornilleau 250S outdoor. … Read more

JOOLA Tour 1800 Review: Is This Model Better Than Tour 2500?

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In our detailed Joola Tour 1800 review, we will compare this model with a more expensive and larger-sized table tennis table – Joola Tour 2500. Although they share many similar features, such as weatherproofing and folding design, what is the biggest difference between these items? Scroll down to learn more. Quick Answer: Joola Tour 1800 … Read more

Harvard Sports Ping Pong Table Review

Harvard edge ping pong table review

When it comes to table tennis, the Harvard Sports Ping Pong table is always one of the top brands with outstanding quality and affordable prices. Reality shows that a ping-pong table’s surface is essential because it determines the ball’s bounce and flight speed. And the Harvard brand has always been in the trustworthy position of … Read more