How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Correctly

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How to clean ping pong paddle and table tennis rubber

A right paddle can add vitality to your gameplay.

After a period of using a ping pong paddle, it can accumulate dust easily, and your hand will sweat when using it.

Because of that, your experience can be terrible.

So, right in this post, we will show you the information you need on how to clean a ping pong paddle.

Some notes you should remember to keep it performing well are also provided.

Let’s start now!

Why Do You Have To Clean Ping Pong Paddles?

Have you ever made a comparison between a new paddle and an old one?

If you use it regularly, we believe that you can easily realize a dirty ping-pong paddle does not give you a sense of comfort when using it.

The reason lies in the fact that the new rubber has better springiness and gripping ability.

It helps you perform accurate shots when playing table tennis.

Furthermore, because your ping pong paddle is not protected well, you have to cost more money to buy new ones.

How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle Properly?

You are wondering what steps to clean a ping pong paddle yourself professionally?

Find out the answer in the instructions below.

How to clean ping pong paddle and table tennis rubber

Use A Sponge And Cloths

You can make use of your standard sponge in your kitchen of clothes you are going to throw away, and those are available.

Make sure it is soft and safe for your paddle.

A soft toothbrush is also a good idea.

But, remember, those have to be gentle.

Use Water, Alcohol, Or Specialty Products For Rubbers

Water is a free and straightforward way to clean a ping pong paddle.

You can use both cool or warm water.

Make your cleaner wet with water, then rub thoroughly on the surface and handle of the paddle.

Using alcohol is also another simple way to move the residue on your ping pong paddle.

Suppose you have known about the uses of that organic compound.

In that case, you may see that it should not be used regularly to clean, and you should use it with a small amount, or it will degrade the paddle’s surface.

In case you have specialty products for rubber cleaning solutions, you should pour it into the surface, wait for a second, and clean gently with the sponge.

Those solutions are very efficient for long-term stains that are very difficult to clear.

Besides, there are many different cleaner products, so it is good to read the instructions thoroughly before using them.

The last step is to make sure to air dry it completely after cleaning.

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Ping Pong Paddle

Firstly, you might not use harsh cleaning products like detergents, bleaches, or soaps directly to clean your tool.

It is the chemicals in those products that damage your paddle.

Secondly, do not think about an abrasive scrubber or a hard object on your ping pong paddle.

Or, you will regret rubbing it with a strong force.

A Few More Tips To Keep Your Ping Pong Paddle

Let follow some tips below if you want to keep your paddle in the best conditions and for long use.

The most basic way is avoiding the accumulation of dust.

So, when it is not in use, let’s cover it in a bag or airtight nylon and put it in the appropriate place.

The rubber is sensitive to the external world like sunlight or rain.

In the long-term, the rubber will oxidize.

Besides, extreme temperatures and UV can damage the rubber surface, so do not put it outdoors.

After cleaning, make sure you dry your paddle properly before storage.

Do not use high temperature to dry it.

Instead, put it in a drained and cool place to prevent moisture.

Cleaning the ping pong table is a good idea to keep the ping pong paddle clean, and the matches also depend on cleaning the table in the right way.


What Are Good Cleaners For Ping Pong Paddle?

You can consider the Butterfly table tennis Racket care kit.

Ping pong paddle cleaner kit is formulated especially for rubber.

Its ingredients help clean oil, sweat, and dirt on your paddle surface.

Furthermore, it can rejuvenate the surface and retain the friction so that you can prolong the paddling life.

Butterfly table tennis racket care kit
Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Care Kit is another product that helps you wash the paddle quickly.

With this kit, you can easily remove the dust and other debris on the surface after each table tennis session.

MightySpin ping pong paddle care kit and rubber cleaner
MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Care Kit

How Often Should A Ping Pong Paddle Be Cleaned?

It depends on how often you play table tennis.

If you use the paddle every day or more than two times a week, your paddle should be cleaned once a month.

But, when you play only on the weekend, one in two months seems reasonable.

In case you do not use it regularly, get it cleaned after three or four months.

Final Words

Cleaning ping pong paddle is essential to protect the elasticity of the rubber and last performing well.

If your paddle is kept carefully, your matches will be smooth that lead to good results.

Do not ignore the usefulness of cleaning the paddle.

Besides, you have to keep it properly.

We hope you will have adequate knowledge about cleaning a ping pong paddle with all the instructions above.

Now, are you ready to clean it for a great match?

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