What is the most expensive ping pong paddle?

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Nittaku Resoud is the most expensive tennis table blade

Briefly: the world’s most expensive ping pong racket is the combo of a Nittaku Resoud blade with any rubber.

A buyer needs to pay over $2,700 to own this premium blade from the Japanese brand.

The price is high, as is the quality of its special material. It is made of high-quality spruce wood, the same material to make Stradivarius violins.

The manufacturer applies crafted technology to create musical instruments to make this blade. 

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Why is Nittaku Resoud so expensive?

Mr. Nakata attempted to create the Nittaku Resoud blade in the 1990s.

His team applied stringed instrument production technology to develop this unique blade. Yet, he failed to make his dream come true.

10 years later, Mr. Junichi Matsui tried to recreate the blade.

After many errors, trials, and hours of testing with top Japanese players, he created the Nittaku Resoud.

Why is the blade worth $2,700?

The Resoud name originated from the forest’s name to collect the wood to produce the blade.

That’s why the blade’s other name is the “Violin blade”.

The spruce wood from the Resoud forest is the world’s finest wood.

This wood is high-quality enough to make Stradivarius violins, the world’s most premium instruments.

The Nittaku Resoud can increase the shots’ accuracy and consistency.

It is the best thing about this blade that players can experience. If you pair it with two Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber sheets, you will have the most expensive ping pong paddle ever.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber sheets pack an enormous amount of power and generate an amazing spin.

You can make every shot like blocking, looping, and pushing.

The Butterfly brand used the Spring Sponge technology to produce the sheets with a longer dwell time than other sheets.

Players can have tremendous spins and explosive shots with one product.

Who Should Use Expensive Paddles?

Premium table tennis rackets are always suitable for advanced players.

The expensive ping pong paddles can serve professional players during tough games in tournaments.

Elite players always put more power on the games than amateurs, so their gears should be more durable, and the expensive bats meet that requirement.

Furthermore, this most expensive table tennis paddle has higher control, speed, and spin ratings.

That’s why professional players can use it for their important games in the competition.

The expensive gears can prevent amateur players from consistently placing balls on the table because of their powerful force.

As a beginner, one should focus on correcting the stance, practicing proper techniques, and perfecting stroke mechanics.

At this stage, a novice ought to use a slower paddle. Stiga Titan, Killerspin Jet 800, or Stiga Pro Carbon are some best options to check out.


Considerations Before Buying


You should check the speed performance of a ping pong paddle before you decide to buy it.

Make sure you choose the one with the speed that suits your gameplay.

If you are an attacking player, you should go for the gear to deliver destructive speedy shots.

In other cases, you may need a design to offer more speed than spin and control.

The tennis table rackets’ speed depends on their blades.

The tougher the style you play, the lighter and stronger the racket’s materials should be.

The wooden blades with carbon fiber titanium can offer the balls more power.

Suppose you play in a speedy game; the racket having a thick sponge will serve you best.


Besides speed, you need to consider the control rating.

A control-oriented player will feel like using a paddle with a softer blade with all-wood design for better impact absorption.

Meanwhile, a thinner sponge can offer more leverage while playing with a ball.


A tennis table racket with tacky rubber sheets can make great ball spins.

If you focus on the spin, this type of paddle is the one for you. The stickier the sheets are, the speedier the ball can spin.

Another element to make the spin-focused paddle is the blade. It should be of a moderate thickness.

This blade can withstand any impacts to allow more force on the ball.


The kind of materials that produced the ping pong paddle is an important aspect too.

They can enormously affect the overall quality of the gear.

1. Blade and handle

A tennis table racket comprises two parts: the blade and the handle. There are diverse materials to make blades and handles.

Yet, the most common materials belong to plastic and wood.

The plastic blades and handles provide lower quality than the wooden ones. The plastic combos may be less durable and lasting.

The wooden rackets have higher-quality, but the prices are more expensive too.

According to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), the ping pong blades should contain at least 85% of wood.

Other materials can account for less than 7.5% of the overall blade’s thickness.

The additional materials can be carbon and paper to combine with wood.

2. Rubber

There are various types of rubber you can choose for your ping pong paddles.

You can consider these types: inverted pimples, pimples-out, tacky, anti-spin, or ITTF-approved rubber.

6 Close Competitors for the Most Expensive Rackets

1. Butterfly Zhang Jike Pro-line Super ZLC Blade Ping Pong Paddle

-10% Sale
Butterfly Zhang Jike Super Zlc-an Blade with Anatomic Handle
  • Butterfly's first Super ZL Carbon blade
  • Devastating power with superior control due to the huge Super ZLC...
  • Giant sweet spot reduces mishits and increases consistency

The Butterfly Zhang Jike Pro-line ping pong paddle is the most high-tech paddle, including three Butterfly’s technological breakthroughs.

This model comes with the Super Zylon Carbon layers, adding stability and strength to the blade.

This layer technology also creates a massive sweet spot for incredibly consistent and highly responsive play.

Besides, Butterfly produced the racket with Bryce HighSpeed 2.1 rubber sheets. It is the technology for the fastest rubber.

The paddle also combines Micro-layer technology and High Tension for its rubber sheets.

The added tension can raise the ball rebound by a maximum of 18% compared to other non-High Tension rubber sheets.

Meanwhile, the micro-layer technology offers a thin top sheet for the rubber.

This technology lets the ball contact more on the rubber’s surface.

That’s when you can impart more spin than the paddle without micro-layer technology.

The Butterfly brand used VOC-free glue for this racket.

Hence, you can avoid an uncomfortable smell when opening the package.


  • Offer great spin and speed
  • Have no strong smell of industrial glue


  • Suitable for offensive players only
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2. Butterfly Viscaria Pro-Line Assembled Tenergy Ping Pong Paddle

-6% Sale
Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade ALC Blade - Professional...
  • High Quality Arylate Carbon Blade
  • The Viscaria Blade has a pronounced sweet spot which results in more...
  • This blade is used by top players like World Champion Zhang Jike

Butterfly Viscaria Pro-line table tennis rackets offer an outstanding balance of control and speed.

They belong to the top list on the market.

The paddles’ Viscaria blades can offer flexibility and lightness.

The blade construction also gives high elasticity, allowing to reducing overpowered shots from the opponents.

The racket head features a compact design with a carbon fiber interior.

The acrylate fiber usage improves the shock ability and strength of the rackets.

This material also makes them light to handle but still rugged and sturdy.

The compact head size is helpful to deliver quicker loops in the gameplays.

All of these features make Butterfly Viscaria bats a perfect choice for the aggressive playing style.

The Viscaria versions include the Tenergy 05 2. 1mm rubber sheets, the fastest ping pong paddle rubber.

So, you can have a soft touch and more flexibility while using it.

The rubber sheets also enable powerful attacking shots.


  • Compact design
  • Great control and speed
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable handle


  • Heavy head
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3. Butterfly Pro-line Timo Boll ALC Blade & Tenergy Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly Viscaria Pro-Line Ping Pong Racket - Featuring...
  • PRO-LINE BUTTERFLY TABLE TENNIS RACKET- This professional table tennis...
  • VISCARA FL BLADE – Made of wood and Arylate carbon that features...
  • ALC CARBON FIBERS – Arylate carbon is a special material created...

The Butterfly Pro-line Timo Boll ping pong paddle was the choice of a professional player named Timo Boll.

He won a silver medal and a bronze medal in the 2016 and 2014 competitions, respectively.

Timo partnered with Butterfly to design this paddle to balance control, speed, and heavy spin.

There are three options of handle styles, namely anatomic, flared, and straight.

The blade is made of Arylate-Carbon, providing heavy topspin and speed.

The Tenergy 05 rubber sheets, which add explosive power to the paddle, can last long without additional maintenance.

Tenergy 05 is combined with a high-tension rubber, the Spring Sponge technology, and a tacky surface.


  • Various handle styles
  • Low maintenance
  • Good balance of speed, spin, and control


  • Slightly overpriced to the value
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4. Butterfly Pro-line Andrzej Grubba Blade Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly Andrzej Grubba Blade with Sriver EL 2.1 Rubbers...
  • Andrzej Grubba - 5-Ply Wood - Straight Handle - Uniform From Top To...
  • Rubber: Sriver EL - Sponge Thickness (mm): 2.1 - Speed Rating: 10 -...
  • Rubber: Sriver EL - Sponge Thickness (mm): 2.1 - Speed Rating: 10 -...

Another product from Butterfly’s Pro-line series is the ping pong paddle combining Andrzej Grubba blade and Sriver EL 2.1 rubber sheets.

This racket suits best for amateur players who want to compete more professionally and improve their strokes.

The paddle weighs 90 grams, a bit heavy. The Butterfly brand used a high-quality wood blade to make this paddle.

Named after Andrzej Grubba-the Polish ping pong legend, the blade provides control and soft touch.

It is highly reliable for steady topspin attacking or all-around playing style.

The Sriver EL rubber sheets, the world’s best-selling product in a long time, offer a good balance of spin and speed.

The Sriver top sheets are combined with a soft sponge that lets you produce more spin without a power string.


  • Incredible power
  • Comfortable grip
  • Made of high-quality wood
  • Great accuracy and speed


  • Not for defensive players
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5. Butterfly Pro-Line Balsa Carbo X5 Ping Pong Paddle

-7% Sale
Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line Table Tennis Racket - The...
  • PROFESSIONAL TABLE TENNIS RACKET: This ping pong racket is for players...
  • BALSA CARBO X5 CARBON BLADE: The Balsa core offers light weight &...
  • T ENERGY 80 FX 2. 1 RUBBER: This ping pong paddle is equipped with...

Another most expensive ping pong paddle in the world is the Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 rackets. Their blades are made from carbon fiber.

This material improves the speed rating of the paddle compared to other wooden ones.

The high-quality carbon enables flexibility, power, and precise targeting capability on the table.

Their blades suit best for attacking close to the table tennis and shots from mid to far distance.

They provide a soft, lightweight, and great touch thanks to the Balsa center core.

Two plies of carbon make the ping pong paddles powerful enough for aggressive players.

The middle platform is simple to rotate, making the attack effortless.

Butterfly equips this racket with Tenergy 80 FX 2. 1 mm rubber sheets.

They offer a good balance between heavy spin and high speed for attacking shots.

The FX technology provides a softer sponge for better control.


  • Great control
  • Multiple speed levels
  • Thick, soft blade


  • Creates unwanted vibration
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6. STIGA Raptor Ping Pong Paddle

STIGA Raptor Performance Ping Pong Paddle - 7-ply Carbon Fiber...
  • STIGA – Since 1944, STIGA has been the innovative leader in table...
  • BUILT FOR COMPETITION – Nano Composite and ACS Technologies form...
  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY – This racket unites STIGA's Crystal and WRB...

The STIGA Raptor table tennis racket is an excellent pick for both intermediate and professional players.

It has a Concave Pro handle grip, a flared grip handle with a slight twist.

Its blade weighs over 1.1 pounds with two carbon layers and five balsa wood layers.

These two types of layers make the racket lightweight, balancing a good amount of power and speed.

The manufacturer used ACS and Nano Composite technology to make the rubber sheets.

It means the fibers are stronger and include small pockets of air, giving you more control.

There is a 2mm sponge layer between the blade and the rubber sheets.

This layer can give you more spin while playing.

The feature is suitable for aggressive players but not for beginners.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight design


  • Not suitable for beginners
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  1. What is the most expensive rubber on the market?

    Butterfly Tenergy 05 is the most expensive rubber on the market nowadays. You can generate massive power and spin on table tennis while using this type of rubber. Blocking, looping, or pushing shots can easily be created with it.

    Butterfly designers applied Spring Sponge technology to this rubber. This technology offers it a longer dwell time compared to other rubber. Thus, you can get tremendous spin and explosive shots implementing it.

    The top sheet allows it to produce spin and speed by spreading the tension evenly throughout the rubber, thus preventing any deformation while transferring the power back to the ball.

    You can pair the Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber with the most expensive blade like Nittaku Resoud. This combination will give you the world’s most costly ping pong bat.

    Besides, you can select the rubber depending on your experience level and playing style. For example, if you follow the offensive playing style, Yakasa Mark V rubber is a great choice. 

  2. What is most expensive pre-made paddle?

    The world’s most expensive premade ping pong racket is the combo of a Nittaku Resoud blade with any rubber.

  3. What’s the best ping pong paddle?

    According to Liu Guoliang: “There is no best paddle in the World. The best paddle is the one that fit your style the best”.

    So you need to pay attention to practice and play a lot to find your own style, then you will find your best racquet.

  4. Why are there two colors on a ping pong paddle?

    This is an official ITTF rule to ensure that competitors can see which side is used. The Red and Black colors will help the players guess and prepare for spin and speed.

    If you want to be serious about practicing table tennis, we recommend looking for rubbers with the ITTF logo. This logo means that this rubber has been checked and satisfies the ITTF standards.

Tips To Care Of A Table Tennis Paddles

  • You only need a little water and 2 dry towels, and you have enough tools to clean the rubber. One towel is used to wipe dust; the other towel is used to dry.
  • Use just enough water, not too much. Wetness will damage the tip, even the blade.
  • Store the racket in a paddle case or airtight nylon.
  • Avoid sunlight, rain, and moisture so as not to damage the rubber surface.
  • It is recommended to clean the racket after each play.


The article reveals that the most expensive ping pong racket is the combination of Nittaku Resoud blade and Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber sheets.

You can also refer to the six table tennis rackets above and four things to consider before buying a new paddle.

Indeed, owning the premium tennis table bat is not the only condition to perform best in a game.

You should also have remarkable skills and compete in ping pong matches.

Now, it’s time for you to pick the best choice for your tennis table games.

Let us know your option by commenting below!

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