How To Put Spin On A Ping Pong Ball? Technique For Beginners

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How To Put Spin On A Ping Pong Ball

With more and more attention focused on table tennis and it becoming more mainstream, there is a real need to learn how to put spin on a ping pong ball. 

This guide will explain the different ways you can apply and how you can use these techniques to get an advantage.

A Detailed Guide On How To Put Spin On A Ping Pong Ball 


Topspin is a technique when a player hits the ball; instead of stroking over it, they brush against it from below.

A ball hit with topspin will rise, and the trajectory will be like a rainbow.

Here is how to put spin on a ping pong ball serve with topspin: 

  • It would be best to hold the paddle in front of the body and below where the ball should strike it. The top of the racket should also slant down slightly, so the upper edge will be closer to the ball than its lower edge.
  • After tossing, bring the racket from bottom to top and hit the top of the ball. Swing your arm forward and the forearm should have provided enough flexibility. 
  • If you want to hit topspin toward the left, you must brush against the ball from its right side and do the opposite if you want a topspin to the right.

A player who delivers quality topspin shots will minimize the risk of hitting the ball into the net, thus putting pressure on their opponent and ultimately helping them win a point.

Backspin (or underspin)

Forehand Topspin Against Backspin in Table Tennis | Tips and Tactics

Backspin is essential for being able to control the ball.

It’s particularly important when it comes to serving! 

This technique is the opposite of topspin; making a serve with backspin instead requires one to move their racquet in a direction that’s exactly the opposite.

  • When preparing, one must hold the racket at a point higher than where the ball will meet the surface of the paddle. The paddle should slant backward with its upper edge positioned behind its bottom edge.
  • You move the racket from the top and touch the ball on the underside. The arm should then follow through in a smooth downward movement.

With proper strength and speed, a backspin can change the direction of your shot when it makes contact with the table.

It’s important to block any incoming backspin, or else you won’t have any more matches to play!

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Learning CRAZY Sidespin Serve | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial

The sidespin is a type of technique that imparts a lateral rotation.

To do this, hold your bat backward and tilt to the right or left, and give the ball a thorough hit.

The movement and preparation are quite similar to when you’re back spinning, only you are tilting the racket towards one of your sides.

What Are Other Types Of Spin That You Can Try?

Mixed spin

When in play, it is very difficult to give a shot directly by a topspin or underspin but must adjust the hand slightly in the direction of the ball falling.

A mixed spin can happen by pure accident when the athlete’s hands hit one side of the ball – left or right – but it still makes for a nice shot if all of your movements are in sync.

You should be able to practice this type of shot after you have observed where your ping pong ball will land and then match your arm movements to what you saw before!

Table Tennis Spin Shots

Cork spin

Arguably, the most difficult spin to master in ping pong is the cork spin, which causes the ball to bounce from side to side instead of going directly forward.

It will be an impressive display of your skill and artistry on the playing court if you can pull this off.

This technique takes a lot of practice and can be very challenging, but once you learn how to do it, you’ll find that the tricks that used to look so good now seem pretty lackluster in comparison!

Table Tennis Spin – FAQs 

How Can I Play Against A Spin?

The big question here is, “How do you return a ping pong ball to spin?“.
Theoretically, a topspin could prevent an underspin, while sidespin would be the most effective option if your opponent also hit the side. 
But it’s possible that your opponent may use a different technique than what you’ve prepared for, so you must remain flexible and adapt to changes, like when they hit with an angle you didn’t expect.
Another thing to note is that you can’t take your skill for granted.
When you have solid ground to stand on, you will be better at detecting an opponent using these techniques. 
While it may be difficult to catch while initially playing because the ball goes so fast, you will find that the more you practice, the easier it will become to detect your opponent’s movement.

Which Side Of A Table Tennis Bat Provides More Spin?

Table tennis bats are typically red and black palettes.
Well, in most cases, if you hit the black side first, you will get more spin as compared to when you’d hit its red side.
The same applies to speed – red typically gives better speed than black.

Can I Play Table Tennis Without Using Spin?

While most people believe that one must use a spin, there is a way to play the game without it.
Just hit the ball close to its middle.
It would help if you had your racket to face the ball at almost 90 degrees.
Most beginners opt for no-spinning because they want to start out learning by focusing on basic rather than practicing fancy moves.


Aside from being a fun game to play at work, table tennis can also help you sharpen your hand-eye coordination skills and reflexes.

We hope that we have been able to provide a thorough understanding of how to hit a ping pong ball with spin.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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