Is Table Tennis Harder Than Badminton? Things You Should Know!

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Is Table Tennis Harder Than Badminton

Is table tennis harder than badminton?

You’ve reached the right place if you are searching for this question!

This post will show you a detailed comparison of these two exciting sports!  

Is Table Tennis Harder Than Badminton? 

We cannot say for sure which one is harder.

Both of them have their system and play styles.

And players need to pay much attention to the projectile. 

But there’s one common thing between them: anyone can pick a racket up and start to play.

Thus, you can consider and select the preferable one and start practicing it. 

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Is Table Tennis Harder Than Badminton? Things You Should Know!

Badminton Vs. Table Tennis: The Differences 

Even though these two racket sports sound quite alike, they have some key differences.

Keep reading to find the answer to ‘Is table tennis harder than badminton?’

The Playing Field 

These two sports require different playing fields.

Badminton allows players to move freely on a 20-feet width and 17-20-feet length.

The net is higher. 

On the other hand, table tennis limits the area on a table.

Each player can move in an area of 5-feet width and 4.5-feet length.

A tennis court looks somewhat like a small lawn tennis court.

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Equipment is a major difference between table tennis and badminton. 

A badminton racket, a ‘racquet’, has an oval-shaped head and a long handle.

The head is made of rubber or cork on one side and the other end with lace. 

These rackets are light because players need to swing faster for optimal shot strength.

As the courts allow players for more shots, they’ll need extra power from their arms swing. 

On the other hand, table tennis is very different. It looks similar to a lawn tennis racket.

Of course, it is lighter, only weighs 2-3 ounces, enabling players to hold it in one hand. 

The paddles of this sport are made of wood, covered with rubber.

Like tennis rackets, you can hold these paddles in one hand. 

The balls are also different between these two sports.

Badminton players use a shuttlecock instead of a traditional ball.

Meanwhile, players use a plastic ball weighing 2.7 grams when playing this sport. 

Scoring And Rules 

For table tennis, players will play for four rounds.

It requires 11 points to be the winner.

When playing, the ball has to bounce on your component’s court.

You have to hit it before it falls off or bounces two times. 

You’ll get one point if your component cannot hit the ball.

Players must serve alternatively after two points, no matter who wins. 

In a badminton match, players only play for two rounds.

It requires 21 points to become the winner.

One player will serve the shuttlecock into the air to start the match, and the other player has to hit it back. 

You’ll earn one point if the shuttlecock falls off your component’s court.

Nevertheless, if the shuttlecock lands outside the court, the component will get one point.

The next server is the one winning one point. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Badminton Better Than Table Tennis? 

Badminton requires a stronger concentration on your wrist power.
If you use it for table tennis, it will hurt you after a while of playing.
So yes, badminton is better than table tennis to some extent (empower your wrist).

Is Table Tennis Faster Than Badminton? 

Badminton is faster than table tennis, and it is the fastest racket sport worldwide.  

Is Table Tennis Difficult?

Every sport has its rules, so it may be difficult for newbie players at first.
But when you understand and follow the rules, it’ll be easier. 

What Is The Hardest Racket Sport?

Squash is the hardest racket sport in the world.


In short, the post has answered the question, ‘Is table tennis harder than badminton?

It has also shown how different they are from the playing field, equipment, scoring, and rules.

Now you can choose one and start practicing!

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