JOOLA Signature Vs JOOLA Inside: Which One Is The Best Ping Pong Table?

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Quick Answer: Which Is Better JOOLA Signature Vs JOOLA Inside?

It is unfair to say that one product is better than the other.

Both have a few disadvantages but are offset by their bright sides.

Simply put, they are just suitable for different play styles.

The two tables are suitable for indoor matches only.

JOOLA Signature is suitable for professional players as the tabletop reaches the standard thickness in competition (25mm).

In contrast, beginners or recreational players might consider JOOLA Inside a much slimmer surface (15mm). 

JOOLA Inside Vs JOOLA Signature In Comparison

Design & Construction Comparison

 JOOLA SignatureJOOLA Inside
Dimension108 x 60 x 30 inches108 x 60 x 30 inches
Weight256 Pounds130.07 Pounds
Playing surface thickness25mm15 mm
Ease of assembly20-30 minutes assembly time10-20 minutes assembly time, comes 95% preassembled
Other utilitiesProfessional net and post set with a quick clamp system, ball holders, abacus scorersNet set with a convenient clamp system, 1.5-inch steel tube aprons, 
Playback modeYesYes
Adjustable height leg levelersYesYes
Roll and clockYesYes
Fit wellPerfect for heated game room competitions & high volume play in recreation centers, the office, school, or tournamentPerfect for playing in your home, office, or recreation center
More InfoSee More DetailsSee More Details

Table Top Comparison

One major difference between the two tables is the playing surface.

JOOLA Inside top has a thickness of about 15mm.

Though being that stable and sturdy, it cannot fully meet the standards of ITTF.

On the other hand, JOOLA Signature is the standard model for tables used in professional ping pong.

Its surface thickness reaches 25mm allowing for a better bounce.

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Undercarriage Comparison

JOOLA Inside features 1.5-inch steel legs and 3-inch locking caster wheels that provide solid support for the top over the long term.

By comparison, JOOLA Signature 25mm has a similar design with a custom height mode for high-intensity competition.

Both tables are equipped with safety locks to ensure stability during play and safe storage.

Durability Comparison

The two tables have a unique halve design with a sturdy metal frame.

Powder coating helps to increase durability for many years. 

The manufacturer considers both indoor ping pong tables.

Installing the wheels allows you to push it out and enjoy outdoor games on sunny days.

However, it would be best if you made sure the area is dry and cool.

Indoor storage is also a must.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture can deform the countertop and lead to severe damage.

Assembly Comparison

It is unnecessary to spend all day fiddling with every detail to install a ping pong table.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to take every part out of the box and create a complete JOOLA Signature.

Everything just got easier with JOOLA Inside.

The table comes 95% preassembled.

You need to add some small details within 10 minutes and enjoy playing with friends right after.

JOOLA Signature 25mm Review

JOOLA Signature Pro Tournament-Quality Indoor Table Tennis Table...
  • TOURNAMENT QUALITY 25mm MDF SURFACE: Thick 25mm table top provides...
  • PRECISION & DURABILITY: Regulation size indoor ping pong table built...


  • Competition standards: The 25mm-thick table surface creates a good bounce.
  • Great utilities: It comes up with playback mode, locking systems, ball holders, and abacus scorers.
  • High durability: The sturdy metal frame and powder-coated table legs increase the use time for many years.


  • Heavy: JOOLA Signature weighs almost twice as much as JOOLA Inside
  • Long assembly time: it takes longer to install JOOLA Signature

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