JOOLA Tour 1800 Review: Is This Model Better Than Tour 2500?

In our detailed Joola Tour 1800 review, we will compare this model with a more expensive and larger-sized table tennis table – Joola Tour 2500.

Although they share many similar features, such as weatherproofing and folding design, what is the biggest difference between these items?

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Quick Answer: Joola Tour 1800 Vs 2500?

Which is the best overall?

It is all about how affordable and usable the table is.

The Joola Tour 1800 has a great bounce for any family to enjoy for hours on end.

The Joola Tour 2500, on the other hand, is a professional table for playing at home or lower club leagues, but not enough for the major league. 

The Joola Tour 2500 is the better choice, but you’ll need to consider your own needs before making a purchase.

If you want a pro-level recreational table, then go for the Joola Tour 2500!

In case portability matters more to you than performance, get yourself a Joola Tour 1800 home use table.

How Is Joola Tour 1800 Different From Joola Tour 2500?

Joola Tour 1800 and Joola Tour 2500 are both made from wood, carbon fiber and have an 18mm (vs 25mm) thick playing surface.

The biggest difference between them is their metal frame;

while it’s 40m squared for the former, it has a 50m squared counterpart for its latter model.

Despite the lighter weight (226 pounds to be exact), it does not mean the Tour 1800 will break easily.

We find this table sturdy and durable because of its steel frame and undercarriage construction.

The Joola 1800 tabletop is much thinner than the Tour 2500 but still has a good bounce.

The consistency of this particular surface makes it more resistant to chips or scratches with its polyurethane-based paint coating that adds spin and liveliness.

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Who Do Joola Tour 1800 and Joola Tour 2500 Specialized For?

Joola Tour 1800

If you are new to the sport of ping pong or have young children, then Joola Tour 1800 would be perfect for you.

Its high-quality construction provides a great bounce off and won’t break as easily if it falls over as other cheaper ones do.

Joola Tour 1800 is perfect for your home
Joola Tour 1800 is perfect for your home

It’s sturdy and has an excellent playing surface, suitable for both beginners and intermediates!

Plus, the materials are some of the best around in this price range – which means it can stand up to lots of abuse.

Joola Tour 2500

If you want a Joola Tour 2500 table tennis table review, here is our summary. The Joola 2500 is great for your game on the condition that you want to improve your level. It’s cheaper than other tables at around $400 and works well with professional players too. 

The Joola 2500 is suitable for professionals playing
The Joola 2500 is suitable for professionals playing

Joola 2500 is ideal for those looking for high performance without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Joola Tour 1800 – Specifications & Comparison

Joola Tour 1800Joola Tour 2500
Dimensions9ft x 5ft9ft x 5ft (Regulation size)
Weight185 lbs.250 lbs
Playing surface thickness18mm thick25mm 
Ease of Assembly15-20 minutes10 to 15 minutes (Comes 95% preassembled)
FoldableThe legs fold automaticallyThe automatically foldable legs help to use and store conveniently
Playback ModeYesYes
Adjustable height leg levelersAdjustable on feetAdjustable on feet

JOOLA Tour 1800 Review

1. Table Top

Joola 1800 is blue and has white lines to separate for doubles. This table also boasts metal underneath, making it stronger than others in the same category. The 18mm top enables you to bounce balls quickly with ease – a trait not found on similarly-priced models from competing brands.

2. Frame & Undercarriage

The Joola Tour 1800 is a mid-tier indoor table that comes equipped with an 18mm (about 7/10 inch) thick playing surface, 40mm thick (1.5 inches) powder-coated frame, and undercarriage. It has many of the same features as Joola’s premium ones.

3. Legs, Wheels, Height Levelers

The Joola Tour 1800 has smooth pushable wheels and automatic folding legs, letting you move it around easily in a folded position. There’s a double anti-tilting feature to lock all the wheels, preventing the table from collapsing on you and your kids if they lean on the surface with too much pressure.

4. Foldability (Playback functionality)

The Joola Tour 1800 has a playing surface of 18mm MDF. It also offers two safety locking devices, one in each half for convenience and compactness when storing the table away after playtime is over. The four wheels on either side allow easy relocation if you want to move your game elsewhere inside or outside while having some fun with friends at home!

This Tour 1800 also gets equipped with a playback feature that enables players to hit against half of the table. You just need to split up the net so it can be used as practice time before competitive match-play sessions.

5. Assembly & Storage

Initial assembly is quick, and storage is simple and efficient because the halves fold up, allowing the Joola Tour 1800 to be easily stored away.

Quick Review Of JOOLA Tour 1800


  • Easy assembly procedure (about 15-20 minutes)
  • Easy to fold up and move for storage
  • Firm and durable playing surface
  • Good bounce and durability (for residential use)
  • Easy, secure transport (thanks to the locking caster wheels system)
  • Playback functionality
  • Excellent protection (thanks to the thick frame)
  • Budget-friendly
  • High-grade net system included


  • Risk of damage during shipping
  • Unsuitable thickness for more expert players 
  • No place to store the ball and paddle.

JOOLA Tour 1800 Deals

JOOLA Tour 1800 and iPong Trainer Motion 

You can order JOOLA Tour 1800 without any bundle.

The JOOLA Tour 1800 w/IPONG Trainer Motion Robot is made up of the following parts:

• JOOLA Tour 1800 (our best selling 18mm top table)

• IPONG Trainer Motion robot ($199 value). Includes 80 IPONG balls, IPONG Pickup Net, IPONG Tilt Stand.

Note: IPONG Catch Net is not included.

Find a great deal for your table tennis table
Find a great deal for your table tennis table

You can purchase this combination or a standalone iPong game if you wish to play or practice alone.

JOOLA Tour 1800 – Set of 3

Institutions can save money by ordering three Joola Tour 1800s at a discounted price of $1,999 ($666.33/unit).

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