A Detailed Comparison Of Killerspin Jet 200 Vs 400 Vs 800

To help you find the top option for ping pong paddle, the following comparison among Killerspin Jet 200 vs 400 vs 800 is all you need! 

Quick Answer

The above three options among the best Killerspin paddle have their special features that you look for.

Killerspin Jet 200 must be a great tool for your daily practice or games with friends where the win is not your main target.

However, for a professional play, the Killerspin Jet 800 and 400 version shows an impressive performance at aggressive and all-rounder hits. 

In general, Killerspin Jet 400 must be the best option overall as this option is an appropriate option for both of your daily practice or professional play. 

Design comparison

Killerspin Jet 200Killerspin Jet 400Killerspin Jet 800
Control8.5/ Medium8 / Medium7.5 / Medium
Spin7/medium9 / High9 / High
Power6/ Low7 / Medium9 / High
Layer5 wood5 Wood2 Carbon + 5 Wood
Size6″ x 6 1/8″6″ x 6 1/8″6″ x 6 1/8″
More InfoSee More DetailsSee More DetailsSee More Details

You might find out that these Killerspin jet series are similar in size, which helps you to have an easy experience for every hit.

Besides, as these three Killerspin paddles contain a layer of 5 wood, you will never have to worry if any of them will break anytime soon. 

The Performance Comparison

The high control index shows the higher defence the paddle offers.

That means if you are a defensive player, the Killerspin jet200 table tennis paddle is a great choice for you. 

On the other hand, the offensive player will mostly pick Killerspin Jet 400 or 800 as their tool.

While the medium spin and low power of Jet 200 make it most suitable for starters, the other two are the preferable option for professionals.

The Blade Comparison

Take a look at the Killerspin jet 200 review;  you have a 5.9 mm thick blade and head dimension of 6×6 inches.

These features will help you control the speed fairly as a beginner. 

Thicker than Jet 200, the 400 version has a 6.4 mm thick blade, which brings you a better feeling and control.

The five-ply blade plays an important role for the forehand driving and pushing use.

And if you take a view at Killerspin jet 200 vs 800, you can easily find that the 800 version has the blade on both sides seven-ply of 5 wood and two carbon layers.

And this is why the 800 racket is a top choice for advanced people.


The Rubber Comparison

Another important point on Killerspin paddle comparison is the rubber design.

Specifically, the 200 version owns rubber sheets in black and blue, which bring a great feeling once gripping.

However, it might not be the right choice for competition. 

On the other hand, the Jet 400 and 800 have ITTF approved rubber that is an essential feature to make sure you get into any tournament.

If you take a Killerspin jet 400 review, you can find that Jet 400 at 1.8mm rubber surface is thinner than its successor Jet 800 for 0.3 mm.

As a result, the 800 version is the best choice for making the ball stronger run.

The Handle Comparison:

When taking a look at Killerspin jet 200 vs 400, the latter is a better option.

With 4-inch long flared handles, the 400 version is longer than Jet 200 for 0.22 inches and most suitable for competitive use. 

Stand out from the above two options; Jet 800 offers flared handles so that you can have any aggressive offensive act.

It offers quite a great balance helping you bring quite heavy pressure on your opponent playing.

However, it would be best if you took some time to get used to the game when using this paddle for the first time. 

killerspin jet 200 vs 400 vs 800 review full comparison

Quick Review Of Killerspin Jet200 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET 200 Table Tennis Paddle, Recreational Ping Pong...
  • RECREATIONAL PADDLE: Perfect for learning basic strokes and perfecting...
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: 5-layer wood blade construction and Jet Basic...
  • PERFORMANCE RATINGS: Features ratings of Control: 8;5, Spin: 7, Speed:...



  • Fail to meet the completion requirement for a racket

Quick Rundown Of Killerspin Jet 400

-17% Sale
Killerspin Jet400 Smash N1 Ping Pong Paddle with Storage Case...
  • COMPETITION GRADE PADDLE: Designed for intermediate to advanced...
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: Blade consists of 5 layers of premium wood and...
  • IDEAL RATINGS: Features ratings of Speed: 7, Spin: 9, Control: 8,...


  • Good control
  • Great spin performance


  • Quite heavy

Quick Review Of Killerspin Jet 800

-30% Sale
Killerspin Jet800 SPEED N2 Ping Pong Paddle with Storage Case...
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE PADDLE: Designed with the serious player in mind,...
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: Blade consists of 7-ply composite wood and...
  • IDEAL RATINGS: Features ratings of Control: 7;5, Spin: 9, Power: 9,...


  • Strong for offensive player
  •  Long-lasting


  • Quite expensive


That is all about Killerspin Jet 200 vs 400 vs 800.

You might now have your own choice of which one is suitable for your need the most.

Overall, each version has its benefits and drawbacks.

However, Killerspin Jet 400 seems to be the best option as it meets all the requirements for a professional tool and is not too hard to handle for a beginner.

Hope you have the best time playing ping pong!

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