Ping Pong Net Height: How High Should a Ping Pong Net be?

So, you are in the market for a new ping pong table and want to know if you are buying the right thing.

You want to know what ping pong net height and other dimensions you should look for. 

Below, we will discuss various things related to this topic and answer some of the FAQs that you might want to know.

What is the net in table tennis?

Here is a pretty clear definition for your reference:

This is stretched across the centter of the table by a cord attached to a post at either end. It measures 6ft long and the ball must pass over it for a rally to continue.


What Equipment Is Used As Net In Table Tennis?

The net – How high should a ping pong net be?

According to the guidelines set forth by the ITTF, or International Table Tennis Federation, the net should have a length of 6 feet (1.85 meters), and the official ping pong net height is 15.25cm (6 inches). 

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the official ping pong net height

It shall be stretched across the width of the table.

Its end shall be attached to the connectors on each side of the table, and they are called supporting posts.

The posts

The side posts also measure 6 inches in height.

These posts must not exceed 6 inches away from the borders of the playing court and shall be placed as close to the net’s ends as possible.

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Why Should I Choose A Right-sized Net? 

A table tennis net size with incorrect dimensions will throw off gameplay and make it more challenging to hit the ball properly over it. 

The ball may not bounce as high or accurately over a net that is higher than regular, and a lower net might be frustrating for individuals who are used to hitting higher balls repeatedly.

It could negatively affect your game when you go to play somewhere with the correct size.

Not to mention that when your friends immediately point out that something is different when they notice either height difference can cause a lot of embarrassment.

Although seemingly small details like this can seem as though they would not affect your enjoyment, this could not be further from the truth for would-be professional players.

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Table Tennis Spring Clamp & Net

Ping Pong Nets FAQs

1. Are There Any Nets That Have Different Sizes?

It is often hard to find regulation table tennis nets in different sizes.
Those used for outdoor tables are sometimes, although not always, generally 5 feet long rather than the official six feet long.
Most manufacturers try to adhere to the standard regulation size as possible.
Still, sometimes there can be a slight difference – but only by a very small margin, insignificant error. 
While a few centimeters in net size difference might not seem like much, manufacturers know well that it could easily throw off your game if you’re used to one particular sizing specification.

2. What Type Of Table Tennis Net Should I Get?

We often encounter three types of table tennis nets, the permanently fixed type, the type that uses a clip to fix, and the type that uses screw clamps to fix.
The best table tennis net depends on the playing court and your preference.
If you have an outdoor table, it might already come with a permanently fixed net.
However, most nets for indoor use are attached to tables using a spring clamp.
These are common choices because they’re easy for beginners to attach to their tables.
The screw clamp type offers better adjustment capability and stability, which is why it’s by far the most widely used variety.

3. Is There Anything Else I’ll Need Besides A Table Tennis Net?

You might need a gauge too! This tool allows you to set the height of your net exactly right.
It is also excellent for measuring the thickness of your racket’s rubber and its overall flatness to accommodate the ITTF standards. 
It’s super easy to use and can be found at any sporting goods retailer or online through Amazon or eBay.


We hope that this article has helped you learn more about ping pong net height and the other dimensions.

We want to make sure that we add more information to this blog to help you and other readers, so please let us know if you have any other questions or comments!

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