Prince Tournament 6800 Review & Compare with Stiga ST3100

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Apart from the Prince Tournament 6800 review, we will also give you a quick comparison between Prince Tournament 6800 vs Stiga ST3100.

Let’s see which table tennis table will meet your demand most!

Prince Tournament Vs Stiga ST3100 – Which Is The Best Overall?

After comparing the Stiga ST3100 vs Prince 6800, we will pick the Prince Tournament as the best overall. 

The Tournament 6800 has more sturdy components to ensure long-lasting and reliable use, like a steel frame, steel aprons, and steel legs.

Plus, between the Prince vs Stiga ping pong table, the product from Prince is lighter, making it simpler to move, set up for storage and play. 

Both of these products are indoor ping pong tables, so they are suitable to place in offices or houses.

While the Stiga aims at beginners and intermediate players, the Prince is for players from all levels.

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Specifications Comparison Of Stiga ST3100 Vs Prince 6800 

Before getting into a more detailed Prince 6800 review; let’s check out this specifications comparison table, as it might be quite helpful for your preference:

 Stiga ST3100Prince 6800
AppearanceStiga ST3100 150x150 1Prince Tournament 6800 Review 1 150x150 1
PriceView Latest PriceView Latest Price
Dimensions (LxWxH)62.5’’ x 56.5’’ x 5.0’’63’’ x 58’’ x 6’’
Weight195 pounds110 pounds
Playing Surface Thickness5/8 ’’7/10’’ 
Ease Of Assembly1-hour assembly time, up to 20 assembling steps50% pre-assembled. 90-minute assembly time
Other UtilitiesBall apron, Playback feature, Easy storage, Large wheels for quick rollingLeg levelers, Paddle and ball storage, Playback feature, Net and clip in the package
Playback ModeYesYes
Adjustable Height Leg LevelersNoNo
Roll And LockYesYes
Fit WellBeginners and intermediate players to play at home or in officesFor all play levels. Suitable for home and offices
More InfoSee More DetailsSee More Details

Prince Tournament 6800 Review

Table Top

Prince table tennis 6800 surface review
Prince table tennis 6800 surface review

The manufacturer utilizes an 18mm layer of high-end medium-density fiberboard to make the tabletop of the Prince Tournament 6800.

Apparently, we can’t think of a better thickness for a table tennis table surface than this one!

On the market, many tables only feature 15mm or 16mm tabletops.

This thickness is adequate to play on, but it can easily result in warp if you normally have intense matches. 

With this table top’s thickness, the Tournament 6800 brings players the great joy of steady and excellent bounce. 


Prince table tennis 6800 foldability
Prince table tennis 6800 foldability

One of the features that make the Prince table tennis 6800 stand out is its foldable structure.

Since this Prince table tennis table is an indoor product, its foldability will allow you to save up much of your house’s space.

What’s more, when you want to move this table around to set it up for playing or storage, the foldability will simplify your work.

Apart from bringing advantages in storage and movement, the foldable structure also assists you in practice.

When halving the table, you can utilize the playback mode.

Specifically, this feature is beneficial for people who want to improve their performance but don’t have a 24/7 constant side-kick.

Frame And Undercarriage

prince table tennis 6800 swivel wheels with locking casters
Prince table tennis 6800 swivel wheels with locking casters

Almost every ping pong table on the market has a steel frame, and this product is no exception.

The steel frame is the solid base to install other parts of the Tournament 6800, and it can affirm reliability along with durability during your use.

Moreover, the Prince Tournament 6800 brings great mobility thanks to its swivel wheels.

The 3-inch diameter wheels can easily roll over the rug or carpets in your house or office if you want to move it around.

Furthermore, the provided locking casters will keep the wheels steady during your playing time.

The Tournament 6800 won’t slide even if you lean against it. 


prince table tennis 6800 integrated paddle & ball storage
Prince table tennis 6800 integrated paddle & ball storage

As a table tennis table for competitive games of professional players, the Tournament 6800 surely acquires durability.

Besides the steel frame, let’s see what other factors contribute to its sturdiness and durability!

The manufacturer has utilized a strong and reliable material for all the fundamental parts of this table.

In specific, Tournament 6800 has steel aprons and legs. 

Apart from using such a sturdy material, Prince designs these components with ideal sizes to properly withstand the total weight of the table and the constant playing of users.

According to the factory specifications, the steep aprons are 2-inch in diameter, the steel legs are half an inch in thickness, and so are the horizontal crossbars.

With all these remarkable features, the Prince Tournament 6800 can guarantee its customers extraordinary sturdiness and durability.

Thus, this ping pong table can serve its players for a considerable amount of time regardless of the tension and frequency of plays.

Net System

prince table tennis 6800 net and clip set
Prince table tennis 6800 net and clip set

The net system comes with the package of this table tennis table.

Hence, you will get posts and net for a single purchase of the Tournament 6800 without paying any extra fee.

Once finished installing the net system, you can leave the net there without the need to fold up and unfold. 

Effortless Assembly

Prince table tennis 6800 Effortless Assembly
Prince table tennis 6800 Effortless Assembly

Many other Prince 6800 ping pong table reviews consider the product’s assembly complicated, but we don’t think so.

Despite coming with only 50% pre-assembled parts, this ping pong table is quite simple to install.

You can rely on the help from the provided manual or tutorial videos on the Internet to set up this Prince with ease.

Honestly, the assembling process will take your time because of the numerous parts to work with, but it’s not difficult to figure out the steps. 

Asking for help from another person to do the setup stage with you is also a good idea.

For less than 90 minutes, you and your friend can enjoy playing ping pong on this product.

How to Assemble the Prince Tournament 6800 Indoor Table – Video tutorial

Quick Review Of Prince Tournament 6800

Prince Tournament 6800 feedback
Prince Tournament 6800 feedback

Some prominent advantages and drawbacks we extract from the Prince Tournament 6800 indoor table tennis table review:


  • Sturdy and reliable material
  • Coming with clips and net system
  • Lightweight
  • Ball and paddles storage
  • Easy movement
  • Simple assembly


  • Assembly takes up to 90 minutes, or even more
  • You can’t adjust the table’s height

Quick Review Of Stiga ST3100

stiga st3100 table tennis table review
Stiga ST3100 table tennis table review

When comparing Stiga vs Prince table tennis, we can draw out some remarkable features of Stiga ST3100:


  • Solid legs for excellent support
  • Ball and paddle storage
  • MDF tabletop
  • Single play feature


  • Heavyweight
  • Medium-quality net

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