STIGA Advantage Vs JOOLA Inside: Which One’s Best?

We will go together to find out the winner of the battle: STIGA Advantage vs JOOLA Inside!

Which Is Better – STIGA Advantage Vs JOOLA Inside?

We will go straight into the main detail.

Honestly, it is quite difficult to decide the winner of the battle: STIGA Advantage vs JOOLA Inside.

The difference between these 2 tables is not much. 

But overall, we picked the JOOLA Inside as the best table tennis table.

The STIGA Advantage only stands in the second position, as it is not as thick as its rival.

Design & Construction Comparison

That is just the quick answer!

We will now compare JOOLA ping pong tables and STIGA Advantage table tennis tables.

Read this section, and you will understand why we have made the above decision! 

Here is a comparison table of STIGA Advantage vs JOOLA Inside:

 STIGA AdvantageJOOLA Inside
Dimension108 x 60 x 30 inches108 x 60 x 30 inches
Weight190 pounds196 pounds
Playing surface thickness0.5 inches (Advantage Lite),
0.63 inches (Advantage),
0.75 inches (Advantage Pro)
0.59 inches (15 mm),
0.71 inches (18 mm),
0.98 inches (25 mm)
Ease of assembly10 minutes10 minutes
Other utilitiesEasy transportation
Steel legs
Compact storage
Locking wheels
Quick installation
High portability
Stable steel legs
Locking caster wheels
Steel tube aprons
Safety latch system
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor
Outdoor (Sunny Day)
Indoor and
Outdoor (Sunny Day)
Playback modeYesYes
Adjustable height leg levelersYesNo
Roll and lockYesYes
Fit wellPerfect for usage at home, club, office, and tournamentsGreat for usage at home or at tournaments 
More InfoSee More DetailsSee More Details

Now, we will compare the main features of the 2 products.


The JOOLA Inside appears with 3 options for tabletop thickness, which are 0.59 inches (15 mm), 0,71 inches (18 mm), and 0.98 inches (25 mm).

Also, the best STIGA ping pong table has 3 options, which are 0.5 inches (Lite), 0.63 inches (Advanced), and 0.75 inches (Pro).

In the same category, every tabletop of JOOLA Inside’s products is a little bit thicker than one of STIGA’s.

Every table tennis player can clearly feel that JOOLA table provides more bounce than its rival can do, gaining the first 1 point for this candidate.


STIGA ping pong table weight is 6 pounds higher than JOOLA’s.

However, it is not necessary to notice the heaviness, as both products support high-quality undercarriage.

Each of the 2 tables features sturdy steel legs that are 1.5 inches long.

These pieces of equipment can withstand the weight of the table with no problem.

You can notice that every leg is equipped with caster wheels.

They will help you move the table from place to place with ease, regardless of the high heaviness.

So in terms of undercarriage, the two are neck and neck.

Net System

STIGA and JOOLA table tennis tables both share the first position for their high-quality net system. 

The JOOLA Inside 15 features a clamp-style net.

You have no difficulty attaching this net to the table.

Adjusting the tension is also very simple.

You can also find the same features from the set of the STIGA table.

The net also has a beautiful clamp style and supports tension adjustments.

Again, this round is a one-all draw.


The result for the battle of STIGA vs JOOLA ping pong table for durability will be a tie.  

Both STIGA and JOOLA manufacturers install MDF thin table tops to their products.

We don’t like MDF wood much, as this material can not resist the impact of climate.

Therefore, these 2 products are highly recommended for indoor use.

Of course, you can still use these 2 tables outdoors, but only when the weather is sunny.

Keep in mind that STIGA and JOOLA tables are not waterproof.

That’s why you need to move the tables to your storage immediately when the rain comes up.

Only the steel legs seem to be durable. All of them are powder-coated to resist rusting.

They will keep your table balanced, no matter which surface you put them on.

STIGA Advantage Vs JOOLA Inside comparison

Is STIGA a Good Brand?

STIGA is a Swedish sports company established in 1934.

Over more than 80 years, this brand has provided tons of quality sports gear.

Their products are trusted by many customers from more than 100 nations.

The STIGA Advantage table tennis tables are the biggest proud of this company.

Customers can choose 1 of 3 Advantage models, depending on their purposes.

Here are the 3 models:

  • Advantage Lite Indoor table tennis table: Home
  • STIGA Advantage Indoor table tennis table: Home
  • STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament-quality Indoor table tennis table: Tournaments

We find that the STIGA Advantage Pro ping pong table delivers a more solid and heavy-duty construction that lives up to tournament quality to endure intense competitions than its two siblings.

If you ask us the winner of STIGA Advantage Pro vs JOOLA Inside, it will be a dead heat in terms of recreation.

But for competing purposes, JOOLA Inside still outweighs.

Is JOOLA a Good Brand?

JOOLA is a sports brand that was founded in 1952 in Germany.

Although this brand is younger than STIGA, it has grown strongly and fastly to become one of the most trustable distributors of table tennis equipment.

The company has affirmed its top position on the market, thanks to the JOOLA Inside 15 ping pong tables.

Table tennis players, from beginners to professionals, are free to choose between 3 models:

  • JOOLA 15 mm: Home and Tournaments
  • JOOLA 18 mm: Home and Tournaments
  • JOOLA 25 mm: Tournaments

Quick Review Of STIGA Advantage

STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Tables 95%...
  • Competition-ready indoor table tennis table perfect for your home or...
  • 10-minute QuickPlay design comes 95% preassembled out of the box for...
  • Effortlessly roll and transport table halves using 3” lockable...

We will sum up all the pros and cons of the STIGA Advantage:


  • Affordable price
  • Quick assembly within 10 minutes
  • Stable steel legs
  • Caster wheels equipped for easy transportation


  • Less durable MDF material
  • Tabletop is not thick as Joola’s

Quick Rundown Of JOOLA Inside

-30% Sale
JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table with Net Set - Features...
  • EASY AND QUICK ASSEMBLY: Set up this top-performing table tennis table...

Here is a summary of JOOLA Inside’s advantages and disadvantages:


  • Easy installation within 10 minutes
  • Thick tabletop
  • Sturdy steel legs
  • Caster wheels equipped for portability


  • High price
  • Less durable MDF material


Now you know whether JOOLA or STIGA is better.

When reading our comparison, you probably have something unclear.

In this section, we list the most common questions and answer them!

What Should I Look For When Buying A Ping Pong Table?

There are a lot of things that decide whether a ping pong table is good or not.

Overall, there are 4 main factors that you need to check when buying.

Specifically, they are:

  • The thickness of the tabletop (Amount of bounce)
  • Undercarriage (Wheels and legs)
  • Net system (Tension adjustment)
  • Durability (Construction)

What’s The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Ping Pong Tables?

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor tables is the construction.

Outdoor tables need to be made of weatherproof materials.

These items have to withstand the impact of winds, rains, sunlight, and moisture.

The most common materials for an outdoor table are plywood, particle-board, plastic, metal, concrete, and fiber-glass.

Indoor tables are usually made of cheaper materials, MDF, for example.

This type of ping pong equipment is a good deal for people who have a low budget seeking at-home recreation.

You can easily notice that indoor tables have their body powder-coated.

This design is to prevent them from rusting, as the amount of moisture in the house is very high.

Can You Store An Indoor Ping Pong Table In The Garage?

Of course, yes! You are free to store an indoor ping pong table in your garage, as long as you have enough space.

But keep in mind that the surface of the table can easily get scratched.

You should keep all the sharp objects and tools far from the table!

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