A Thorough Comparison Between Stiga Evolution Vs Stiga Pro Carbon

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Stiga Evolution vs Pro Carbon review full comparison

There are some questions raised recently like: Is Stiga a good brand?

Should I choose between Stiga evolution vs Stiga pro carbon?

If those questions are also on your mind, then this article can help.

At a glance, we find the Evolution outperforms Pro Carbon in many aspects.

The Evolution takes the extra advantage thanks to its versatility in speed, spin, and control features.

You should also consider the Pro Carbon because it is inherently excellent for the specialized offensive player.

Comparison between Stiga Evolution vs Stiga Pro Carbon

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Let’s see the detailed comparison below to know more.

The Blade

STIGA Evolution is made up of 6 high-quality piles of wood, giving the racquet a certain rigidity.

With careful research on racquet construction, STIGA has also made this pure wood blade optimal in lightweight.

Suppose you are concerned with the racquet weight to avoid wrist fatigue after hours of play.

This Evolution can completely satisfy your requirement.

Besides the sturdy and light configuration, the blade of this racquet has no more outstanding features.

It merely ensures the stable operation of rubber and the handle.

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On the other hand, the STIGA Pro Carbon has a different blade design from its brother.

To be specific, it has seven plies in total, five of which are from balsa wood.

Two more plies are made of carbon, attached to each side of the blade.

This addition of carbon plies gives the racquet a solid surface that increases the response speed to the force received.

Nowadays, the combination of wood and carbon materials is becoming trendy.

Although Pro Carbon will make it difficult for some practitioners, you will gradually feel its benefits in the future.

Especially for those who often play in offensive stances, this Pro Carbon can generally make them satisfied.

Reasonably, it makes shots more powerful by fully absorbing the received strike force from the opponent.

Overall, both the Evolution and Pro carbon all offer a comfortable experience thanks to their lightweight.

The Pro Carbon can perform better, especially for offensive gameplay with the 2-layer carbon design.

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The Rubber

The Evolution has 2mm thick rubber – a typical parameter of many racquets.

Especially on this paddle, STIGA uses its premium rubber which ITTF has approved for tournaments.

Its 2.0mm sponge on both sides provides an ideal volume of elasticity for the best smoothness and spin level.

Components in the Evolution help it to outperform the Pro Carbon in the mechanical spin level and precision.

STIGA uses another rubber technology for the Pro Carbon called STIGA S5.

It still has a 2mm thick rubber-like Evolution, but the effect is different.

Particularly, STIGA S5 technology allows the rubber to control the strength and spinning feature of the paddle.

Due to this rubber’s force regulation, the paddle may not be a suitable choice for those who like firing loops and lob-shots.

It also means that this racket is again pleasing to players who prefer to deploy flat shots.

In short, the rubber efficiency in the Evolution provides the best shots, especially for skilled players.

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The Handle

The most prominent feature of Evolution’s handle is the Shock Dispersion Tube.

This design dissipates shocks and waves thanks to the tube’s hollow design.

Besides, Stiga Evolution weight is considerably lighter than the Pro Carbon’s.

The hollowed form in this tube is a factor that makes the Evolution lightweight.

Hence, its ability to generate spinning shots is very excellent so that you can navigate the ball to any point on the table.

The Pro Carbon handle is significantly heavier than Evolution’s due to the metal rod inside.

The rod is built in the handle to ensure a sturdy grip for the player.

Moreover, this design is very helpful for the weight balance of the paddle.

As such, the Evolution is keeping its advantage thanks to its Shock Dispersion Tube.

Despite the many benefits of the metal rod, it puts some limits on the feature of Pro Carbon.

Feature Comparison

Let’s look at the three most essential features in a table tennis racket comparison: Speed, Spin, Control.

On a scale of 100, the Evolution has 96 points at Speed, 94 points at Spin, and 90 points at Control.

The Pro Carbon has 99 points at Speed, 100 points at Spin, and 80 points in Control.

Overall, the performance ratings of both racquets are very high, especially the Evolution.

The Pro Carbon has a pretty clear difference between Speed and the two other features.

Due to the two carbon plies at the blade, its Speed and Spin powers are dynamic.

However, the metal rod in the handle makes its control feature more challenging.

Stiga Evolution vs Pro Carbon review full comparison
Stiga Evolution vs Pro Carbon review full comparison

Stiga Pro Carbon Vs Evolution – Which is the best overall?

The Pro Carbon will be a great assistant for attack-type players.

In contrast, those with a defensive playstyle will prefer the Evolution because of its lightness and versatility.

Beginners should also use this racket over the Pro Carbon because it is quite heavy to start.

Pro Carbon will become a great weapon only if you control it flexibly.

However, some new players might don’t know where to buy Stiga Pro Carbon because of its unpopularity.

Overall, Evolution is still a better choice, especially for amateurs and beginners.

Even for the pro player, it also brings powerful performance in such tournaments.

Stiga Evolution price is much cheaper than the Pro Carbon as well.

I hope this article will help you choose the right paddle between Stiga Evolution Vs Stiga Pro Carbon to satisfy your experience.

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