Stiga ST3100 vs Stiga Advantage Review: Specs & Features Comparison

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Stiga Sport is an outstanding table tennis company with great products.

In this post, we will compare the Stiga ST3100 vs Stiga Advantage.

We will mainly discuss the confrontation between Stiga ST3100 vs Advantage in different aspects as below.

Stiga ST3100 Vs Stiga Advantage – Which Is Better?

Before going into a more detailed comparison, we want to share with you our overall evaluation of these products.

Both the Stiga ST3100 and Stiga Advantage are excellent products in the mid-tier range of table tennis table segment.

Yet, if we have to pick the better one, it would be the Stiga Advantage.

STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Tables 95%...

Since these products are suitable for office and home use, they should be ready-to-play, easy to assemble, and lightweight.

And the Stiga Advantage appears to offer all of ST3100 disadvantages. 

Thanks to the adjustable leg levelers, height is no longer a big problem.

Not only height, but your profession can’t challenge this table with the high-quality net system that can fit professionals, intermediate, and even beginners.

Comparison Stiga ST3100 Vs Stiga Advantage

Design And Construction

We will summarise the fundamental information you can find from a Stiga master series ST3100 review and a Stiga Advantage review in the following table.

 Stiga ST3100Stiga Advantage
Appearancestiga st 3100 table tennis table 2STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Tables 95%...
PriceView Latest PriceView Latest Price
Dimensions (LxWxH)62.5’’ x 56.5’’ x 5.0’’63’’ x 56’’ x 5.0’’
Weight195 pounds115 pounds
Playing Surface Thickness⅝’’¾’’
Ease Of Assembly1-hour assembly time, up to 20 assembling steps10-minute assembly, 95% pre-assembled, requires attaching eight bolts to the legs
Other UtilitiesBall apron, Playback feature, Easy storage, Large wheels for quick rollingSafety Latch system, Locking wheels, Effortless installation, Adjustable legs
Playback ModeYesYes
Adjustable Height Leg LevelersNoYes
Roll And LockYesYes
Fit WellBeginners and intermediate players to play at home or officesPerfect for your home and offices
More InfoSee More DetailsSee More Details
Stiga ST3100 Vs Stiga Advantage – Design and Construction Comparison

Table Top

The above comparison table shows that the Stiga ST3100 and Stiga Advantage have different table top sizes, 16mm and 19mm, respectively. 

The Stiga ST3100 indoor table tennis table has its tabletop constructed with medium-density fiberboard and silk-screen stripping to assure excellent strength and durability. 

Despite having the same silk-screen stripping as the ST3100, the Stiga Advantage’s tabletop only has the roller coat.

Therefore, the ST3100 tabletop is more durable and sturdy than that of the Advantage.

Assembly And Set Up

In this category, the Stiga Advantage is superior to the ST3100.

These table tennis table models are for non-competitive plays, so they often serve beginners or intermediate players.

For this reason, their installation and setup should be suitable for table tennis newcomers.

Yet, the Stiga ST3100 doesn’t fulfill this requirement.

According to the provided manual, there are up to 20 assembling steps users must follow to install this table.

Besides, you have to acquire some specific construction skills and other equipment to properly assemble the ST3100.

If you don’t, you should ask for help from professional or experienced acquaintances to avoid messing things up.

In contrast to the Stiga ST3100, the Advantage comes with 95% of preassembled form.

Within 10 minutes of installation, you can have great joy with this table tennis table.

Compared to the assembly of the ST3100, you can save much of your time.

The playing setup of these two tables is quite similar.

You can utilize the playback function of both of these models by halving the table.

Plus, the halving feature is beneficial for storing and movement.

However, during the installation stage of the ST3100, you should be careful not to over-tighten the nuts, or else folding it up can be challenging.

Leg And Undercarriage

You can easily move the Stiga ST3100 and Stiga Advantage around, thanks to their 3’’ casters.

Though being quite larger than other products in the mid-tier, this caster size can run smoothly over mats in your house. 

The difference only lies in the number of the caster.

While the Advantage has eight casters, the ST3100 only has half of that number.

Honestly, this difference doesn’t have a significant impact on indoor movement.

The Stiga Advantage indoor and Stiga ST3100 ping pong table have two square steel legs, and the leg sizes are 1.2’’ and 2’’, respectively.

With larger legs, the Stiga ST3100 can ensure a more steady stance. 

It would be perfect if the ST3100 had the adjustable leg levelers as the Advantage does.

Thanks to the adjustable leg levelers, the Stiga Advantage can fit many users with different heights.

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Since Stiga Advantage and ST3100 are indoor table tennis tables, they can avoid damage from the natural environment like weather, insects, or animals. 

Besides, Stiga makes these two tables with steel-reinforced frame and base for the optimal sturdiness to sustain aggressive play.

Therefore, in terms of durability, these products can satisfy your demand.

Net System

You can remove and attach the net system of both the ST3100 and the Advantage for replacement. 

The brand applies a 72’’ clamp-style tournament-grade net system for the Stiga Advantage indoor table tennis table.

You can easily notice that this type of net appears in official competitive games.

For this reason, we think that there’s nothing to complain about its quality.

On the contrary, the net system is one of the minor drawbacks of the Stiga ST3100.

It is still suitable for casual play, but many serious players replace it for a better net from other brands.

stiga advantage vs stiga st 3100 review full comparison

Quick Review Of Stiga ST3100


  • Rigid-support legs
  • Spacious ball storage
  • Medium-density fiberboard table top
  • Single play feature


  • Heavyweight
  • Medium-quality net
  • Tough assembly

Quick Rundown Of Stiga Advantage

STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Tables 95%...


  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Eight coasters for smooth movement
  • High-quality net system
  • QuickPlay design for convenient installation and storage


  • Lacking ball apron
  • Roller coat table top only
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