How To Get Better At Ping Pong – Best Tips For You!

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How to get better at ping pong

If you are finding some ideas and tips for beginners to master ping pong skills, this post will be perfect for you. Below are all the best table tennis strategies and tricks to teach starters the quickest way to win in each table tennis game.

Additionally, “How To Get Better At Ping Pong?” also provides some useful advice for these intermediate players to help them quickly get their technique to a higher level. Let’s dive in!  

How To Get Better At Ping Pong

1. Focus On The Basics

“How can I get better at ping pong for beginners? is one of the most popular questions that many beginners regularly search on the Internet when starting to play ping pong.

Once players become more confident, they often experience various styles and strokes, leading to a common problem. The players only focus on the new ball-returning techniques or skills rather than the basics.

Therefore, players tend to lose out as they play the major point because of probable reasons below:

  • Try to show their hobby shot
  • Lack of basic striking practice 

Don’t forget about the basic strokes! You’ll always need them in your locker, so keep practicing.

Remember the basic strokes and keep practicing because they are indispensable in every player’s locker.

2. Practicing Repetition 

There are no other alternatives for practice. The best way to improve your skill is to repeat practicing as much as possible in competitive games.

Practicing time should only overcome your existing weaknesses or grow your strengths. Notice that the aim of practicing is to improve, but the goal of tournaments is to win. 

Besides, another way to improve your table tennis skills is to keep practicing at home every day. So, how can I improve my table tennis skills at home? 

Comparing your playing technique with professionals’ videos on Youtube, for example, maybe one of the most effective and convenient ways highly recommended for you to exactly find the huge difference. This way can help you correct it in the right technique timely.

3. Be Consistent

“How do you always win at table tennis?” sounds impossible at first, but being consistent can be one of the major factors you should pay attention to if you want to win in all matches.

Making a shot can be something common in each practicing time. However, the pressure of the score may negatively impact your mentality. Try to focus on returning every ball one by one as if each ball is the only important point in a real match. 

4. Master Footwork

To know “What is the most important skill in table tennis?” and why, keep reading!

Improving your footwork plays a vital role in advancing your table tennis playing skills. You may look cool if you still beat your players easily, but you don’t need to move too much during the whole game. However, you can’t have a chance to do so if you play with a better opponent. 

Moving flexibly can set you in the most suitable potential position to return the ball. You may shoot the ball under par if you stand in one place.

5. Take Part In A Table Tennis Group

Another great way to improve is participating in many table tennis groups because you can have an opportunity to play with various opponents and get numerous useful playing tricks and tips. 

Moreover, you can feel fascinated by meeting many players with similar interests to yours.

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6. Using Various Tactics To Win

After you’ve got the table tennis foundation, including certain basic techniques and good footwork, that is exactly when players should know the various ways to win intelligently with tactics. 

Tactics are the smart ways to beat your players. Out-play on opponents’ weaknesses, and make use of your strengths to win. For instance, if your player owns a good forehand but a bad backhand. Therefore, below is the strategy step by step for you:

  1. Serve ball short
  2. Topspin to opponents’ backhand side
  3. Pivot the ball or strongly smash it when it’s high
  4. Fast return the ball long to players’ wide forehand

This combo above is highly effective, especially for ping pong beginners.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the most vital trick covered in “How To Get Better At Ping Pong?” is to repeat practicing. Try to maintain the playing habit every single day. Even if 20-30 minutes per day is all your free time and you use it for playing table tennis, your skills will get a huge development. 

Hopefully, our article can help you have a chance to be a world champion in the future. Stay tuned to our next article!

Thank you for reading!

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