Amicus Prime Vs Newgy Robo Pong 3050XL Review: Which One Is Better?

Butterfly Amicus Prime vs Newgy 3050XL

Table tennis robots from popular brands like Butterfly Amicus and Newgy Robo-Pong have prices up to thousands of dollars.  Are the products above really worth the price? Which is a better choice?  The answer to your question will be in the Butterfly Amicus prime vs. Newgy Robo pong 3050XL review that will appear shortly.  The … Read more

Best Ping Pong Table Covers: My Ultimate 6 Picks-Up For 2022

Recreation room

How to protect ping pong tables when taking them outdoors? Table cover is an excellent suggestion that allows bringing absolute safety to your valuable desk.  So, you can wonder: “What are the best ping pong table covers on the market?” Currently, there are many types of table covers of different sizes and materials. However, not … Read more

How Is Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports?

Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports

This game is a sport played by millions of people around the world. It is fun, inexpensive, and possible for anyone to learn.  This blog post will break down the basics of this sport to understand what the game is about and how is table tennis different from other racquet sports. What Is Table Tennis? … Read more

How To Get Better At Ping Pong – Best Tips For You!

How to get better at ping pong

If you are finding some ideas and tips for beginners to master ping pong skills, this post will be perfect for you. Below are all the best table tennis strategies and tricks to teach starters the quickest way to win in each table tennis game. Additionally, “How To Get Better At Ping Pong?” also provides … Read more

Who Has Won The Most Table Tennis Championships?

Ma Lin_Who Has Won The Most Table Tennis World Championships

Who has won the most table tennis championships? Let’s join us and honor the most outstanding names in table tennis history!  Who Has Won The Most Table Tennis World Championships? Ma Lin, a Chinese player, holds the world record as a four-time winner: 2000, 2003, 2004, and 2006. Vladimir Samsonov from Belarus ranks second place … Read more

What Are The Common Violations In Table Tennis? – Basics To Know

What Are The Common Violations In Table Tennis

Participating in a professional match requires following the ping-pong service rules. If the referee notices any incorrect behavior or movement during service, they may warn the server or issue appropriate sanctions. Therefore, knowing clearly “What are the common violations in table tennis” or “What happens if you hit an out ball in tennis” not to … Read more

Why Do Table Tennis Players Touch The Table?

Why Do Table Tennis Players Touch The Table

If you are a fan of table tennis and often watch it on television, you will see that tennis players often touch the table. There are many reasons for that. For example, they want to wipe off sweat from their hands, get a chance to rest between contests, or it is simply a lucky sign. … Read more

Is Table Tennis Harder Than Badminton? Things You Should Know!

Is Table Tennis Harder Than Badminton

Is table tennis harder than badminton? You’ve reached the right place if you are searching for this question! This post will show you a detailed comparison of these two exciting sports!   Is Table Tennis Harder Than Badminton?  We cannot say for sure which one is harder. Both of them have their system and play … Read more

Is Table Tennis Hard? – An Ultimate Explanation

Is Table Tennis Hard

It may be easy for every player to be accessible with table tennis but not skillful. It’s not just about hitting the ball with a paddle – there are many aspects to consider. It requires accuracy, power, speed, and, more importantly, rhythm. Practice all of these things separately, and then start mixing different aspects into … Read more