Who Has Won The Most Table Tennis Championships?

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Ma Lin_Who Has Won The Most Table Tennis World Championships

Who has won the most table tennis championships? Let’s join us and honor the most outstanding names in table tennis history! 

Who Has Won The Most Table Tennis World Championships?

Ma Lin, a Chinese player, holds the world record as a four-time winner: 2000, 2003, 2004, and 2006. Vladimir Samsonov from Belarus ranks second place with three wins in 1999, 2001, and 2009. 

In terms of country, China won 42 World Table Tennis Championships from 1961 to 2018. This figure includes 21 triumphs in both the men’s and women’s team competitions. 

So who is the current ping pong champion? We may have to call back to the latest Table Tennis World Champion and check the list of Table Tennis World Championship Winners as it changes over time. 

Ma Lin holds the world record

Guide To World Table Tennis Championships 

The World Table Tennis Championships are an ITTF-sanctioned competition held yearly, commonly in April or May. There are two main formats for the tournament: single and team.

The two formats change every year, one of them being performed each year. ITTF holds single competitions in odd-numbered seasons, while team events take place in even-numbered years.


The ITTF World Champion first took place in 1927, once per year. In 1957, seven events were played yearly ( 5 single events and 2 team events).

The rules kept changing every year until 1999, when the ITTF claimed the official format with two forms of championships that we see these days.

Medal table

China has been the leading country in this sport. The number of medals won by China is twice as many as those earned by the second-strongest country, Hungary. 

Here is the list of the top ten significant nations dominating in this sector:

CountryGold medalsSilver medalsBronze medalsTotal 
United States10319.532.5
South Korea 4.5164161.5
2W oOcYd07
China nails the list

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn about the game winners from these questions. 

Who is the world champion table tennis player?

The 2021 World Table Tennis Championships winners were Fan Zhendong (Men’s Singles) and Wang Manyu (Women’s Singles). Both of them are Chinese. 

Who is the first champion in table tennis?

The first world table tennis championships took place in London in 1926, and Roland Jacobi won the gold medal in Men’s Singles. The one for females belonged to Maria Mednyanszky. 

Who is the master of Ping-Pong?

In Coventry, Alexander Flemming won the World Ping Pong Masters at Ricoh Arena, defeating four-time world champion Andrew Baggaley in a remarkable straight-set triumph. 

Who is the female world table tennis champion?

Currently, this title is given to Wang Manyu, who won the gold medal in the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Women’s Singles. 

What is the biggest table tennis tournament?

The two biggest competitions for professional table tennis are the World Championships and Olympic Games. 

Who is currently the male world champion in table tennis? 

Fan Zhendong won the gold medal in the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Men’s Singles. 

Who were the world powers in table tennis in the late 1990s? 

During that period, the world powers in this sport were Sweden, Korea, and China.

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