Why Is Ping Pong So Popular In China? Top Reasons

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Why Is Ping Pong So Popular In China

Ping Pong is a very popular game in China.

In the 70s and 80s, the game became famous.

It is not a traditional sport, but it appears in the streets and public parks during summer.

It was also played during the breaks of the worker’s shifts for entertainment. 

Ping Pong has been a part of the culture of many nations in general and in China particularly.

So why is ping pong so popular in China?

Let’s find out here.

Why Is Ping Pong So Popular In China?

Require Small Space

China houses more than 1.5 billion people, which is no small number.

This makes China’s population density approximately 1,218 people for every square mile.

In comparison, the United States comes with a population density of about 80 people in each square mile. 

why is ping pong so popular in china 01
It is not a traditional sport, but it appears in the streets and public parks during summer.

While China may be densely populated and have limited room for outdoor activities such as tennis and basketball courts, it’s not difficult to have a “table tennis” court because all you need is the place for the table itself!

That explains: Why is China so dominant in table tennis?!

Not to mention, the current policy in China is a hurdle for them to build farms, and they will make good use of this opportunity and build factories or skyscrapers on the land.

As such, the space for other sports that require much space shall be limited.

Referred to As National Sport

While China has not officially declared Ping Pong its national sport, it’s highly favored due to the Ping Pong diplomacy during the early 1970s.

During that time, the United States and China sent their best players to visit each other’s countries as a form of athletic exchange.

This resulted in diplomatic relations between the two nations, causing some experts to refer to this form of diplomacy as “Ping Pong diplomacy.”

Also, this game is considered the national sport of China since many people love it for its simplicity, speed, the fact that it doesn’t require much equipment, and its long development history. 

The sport dated back to sometime between 1300 and 1400 A.D. and was often used for entertainment for royalty during the Tang dynasty, who watched it being played on tables with a net stretched across them.

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Building Nation Relationship

Ping Pong diplomacy occurred when the game of Ping Pong was used to smooth over relations between China and the U.S.

Also, Ping Pong became a sport in the Olympics.

why is ping pong so popular in china 02
Chinese Ping Pong players are armed with their skills and can represent their home country.

Chinese Ping Pong players are armed with their skills and can represent their home country.

It’s because they will meet others all around the world at competitive events and tournaments.

Ping Pong is a popular game enjoyed by people all over the world.

As they get to know each other and form communities, it is a social aspect of Ping Pong that has been successful.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Ping Pong in China, but one of them may be its ability to bring groups of people together. 

The hobby is a very international pastime.

Everyone has played Ping Pong at some point during their lives or knows what it’s about, which is great because communities can often form around common interests and hobbies.

Players Receive Many Benefits

Ping Pong can be well-known in the most unexpected places.

Even ping pong players in China are treated like movie stars.

Fans flock to them at restaurant tables, carrying photos of their idols or anything with the names of their famous Ping Pong players on it. 

These people carry a lot of influence and power over large communities, so there’s a lot of pressure for these athletes to continue winning.

When it comes to the journey of the No.1 Chinese athlete, nothing is more dominant than Ping Pong.

And there’s only one way to become number one, which is practice. 

In China, a single spot in an Olympic game can be worth 10 million RMB, which is every player’s dream.

But also, every time this sport is won by someone new, with all the fame and money that it brings, a great number of disappointed players go through the same struggle in his way becoming the number one.

Table Tennis in China – FAQs

Why Chinese so Good at Table Tennis?

It’s because the Chinese are pioneers in this game, and it has become their national sport.
So, they’ve long been practicing Ping Pong and made it a part of their lives.

How Many Ping Pong Players Are In China?

Surprisingly, there are nearly 1.4 billion ping pong players in China (2018).
And more than 85 million people play this game every day.

Sum Up

Why is ping pong so popular in China?

You might now get the answer.

Ping pong is one of the most loved sports in the world.

It is second in popularity only to football. 

The top reason it is so dominant in China is that it is part of the culture and played by people of all ages.

Many people can play the game, whether it is men, women, and children. 

Hope you have a good time playing the game of Ping Pong. Cheer!

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